Permanent Collection - The Moscow Kremlin Museum

The Armoury Chamber - a world-wide known treasure-house presents ancient Russian regalia, ceremonial tsar's dress, church hierarchs' vestments, gold and silverware by Russian, European and Eastern masters, arms and armouries, royal carriages and horse ceremonial harness.
The famous museum's exhibits are of special interest because of precious materials, high artistic level and their particular value for the history and culture of the Russian State.
The architectural ensemble of Ivan-the-Great Bell-Tower, the Assumption Belfry (Uspenskaya Zvonnitsa) and the Filaret's Annex has been the architectural cradle of the city for centuries. The Bell-Tower is being prepared to house a museum and an exhibition devoted to the history of Kremlin's architecture.

The Assumption Cathedral - for centuries, it has been the main cathedral of the Russian State. The inaugurations of Princes, Tsars, Emperors and heads of the Russian Orthodox Church were held at the Assumption Cathedral. Besides, Metropolitans and Patriarchs were buried here.
Nowadays, at the Assumption Cathedral one can admire the magnificent iconostasis, the ensemble of monumental paintings and one of the largest Russian collections of icons of particular respect and artistic value. The Ivan the Terrible's wooden carved praying-seat and the unique necropolis are also of special interest.

The Annunciation Cathedral - the home church of Moscow Great Princes and Tsars.
The ensemble of monumental painting of the cathedral of Ivan the Terrible's epoch and the ancient iconostasis are of great value. Many researches consider the icons of deesis to be painted by famous icon-painter Theofan the Greek and a part of the icons of the festival row to be created by the greatest Russian medieval icon-painter Andrei Rublev.

The Archangel's Cathedral - the dynastic necropolis of Moscow Great Princes and Tsars. Great Princes Ivan Kalita, Dmitriy Donskoi, Ivan III, Ivan the Terrible, tsarevich Dmitriy, Tsars Mikhail and Alexey Romanov were buried here. There are 47 tombstones and 2 reliquaries in the dynastic necropolis. The cathedral's pillars and walls are covered with portraits of Moscow leaders and their glorious ancestors. In the local row of the iconostasis one can see the ancient image of "Archangel Michael with glorious works", created in the time of the Battle on the Kulikovo Field.

The Church of Laying Our Lady's Holy Robe - the home church of Russian Metropolitans and Patriarchs. The iconostasis and wall-paintings of the cozy small church form the magnificent architectural ensemble. There is a permanent exhibition of Russian wooden sculpture situated in the church's gallery. Only few exhibits of this kind have been preserved. Any of them is of great interest and value.

The Patriarch's Palace - one of the rare examples of civil architecture of the Patriarch Nikon's times. Nowadays, the Cross Chamber, the Front Anteroom, the refectory and the Twelve Apostles' Church house the museum. It presents valuable items of history and culture of the XVII century- personals of patriarchs, precious tablewares, pocket-watches and table-clocks, unique examples of ecclesiastical embroidery and interiors, manuscripts and printed books, icons painted by famous tsar's isografs (icon-painters).

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