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"Chinese Myth"ShuYong Made in China Series exhibition

Opening Reception: 7pm,Sep 6th,2007
Exhibition Date : Sep 6th - 19th 2007 (off Monday)
Venue: 1F,2F,Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art,No.27 Duolun Rd, Shanghai
Curator: Ai Weiwei
Chief Academic Consultant: Zhao Shulin
Chief Art Director:Wang Nanming
Administrative Director:Zhao Baoyu
Exhibition Coordinator:Ma Yan

“Bubble”is the Key

Ai Weiwei

In the series oil painting works Chinese Mythology, we can feel that the oriental aesthetics and wisdom we are familiar with are activated by Shu Yong's bright and gorgeous "bubbles". In such a different and strange realm created by bubbles, various mythological figures who had already been reduced to our daily decorations are waken up, and those mythologies are again reviewed and recognized by us.
Actually these mythologies and figures have always been the most direct image carriers of Chinese culture, wisdom and philosophy for thousands of years. The form and evolution process of these images are right the intuitive form of Chinese aesthetics and evolution process of social aesthetics. They are our precious cultural wealth. However, as impacted by western cultures, we turned a blind eye to these wealth and even forgot them. With "bubbles"he is used to and fascinated about as the medium, Shu Yong fixs and introduces this culture to current society in the way of combining performances, concepts and oil paintings. When we locate these graphics in contemporary Chinese context, we find that these Chinese ancient mythologies are just in coincidence with some status of current China, that is in years of development, China has been creating new mythologies and miracles in this international society in a way unimaginable and intangible to the westerners.
Such kind of Chinese mythology seems to be a puzzle to most of the westerners, mysterious China and mysterious mythology. Obviously just this puzzle offers mysterious powers and endless charm to China. I believe that viewers of these works, including westerners and Chinese who have neglected and forgetten traditional Chinese culture, will experience a process of exploring and tracing back Chinese culture, economy, politics and religions. Maybe they can never clearly understand these puzzles, but one day it will not be hard for them to understand Chinese mythologies and mythologies being created when they are close enough to the answers. Here Shu Yong's "bubble" become a special key to a knowledge space having been sealed up by us for long, where we may find exhaustless wealth.
"Whose New Age"2007 Guan Yong’s Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception: 7pm,Sep 6th,2007
Exhibition Date : Sep 6th - 16th 2007 (off Monday)
Venue: 3F,Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art,No.27 Duolun Rd, Shanghai
Produced by: Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Chief Art Director:Wang Nanming
Administrative Director:Zhao Baoyu
Exhibition Coordinator:Ma Yan

Devoting into discovering and bringing forth new contemporary artists, Beijing New Age Gallery will hold Guan Yong’s Solo Exhibition on July 14th 2007.
The theme of this exhibition is “Multiaspect Reflection, Whose New Age”, which deeply imbedded in the artist’s reflection on the status quo of Chinese art and contemporary Chinese society.
China of 21st Century is in a time of “social change” or “social transformation”. As the subject of present Chinese society, people are experiencing all of these, and inevitably affected by them, and change subtly. As it is in western world, in China, a big group of people of distinct Chinese characteristics has come into being. Their existence, their thoughts, their requests and concepts are all promoting and changing the Chinese economic, cultural and every other level’s development, and having great effects. The time seems to be a new age of them.
Based on the above, Guan Yong reflects in a multiway through his art. With his tense special personal language features and concepts, Guan Yong shows his care about the phenomenon and problems of today’s Chinese society. The images inspired by “pen-shape” which symbolizes “intelligent power”; the use and symbol significance of red, yellow and black deriving from the culture that the artist grew up in; and the special connotation of red drapery, a book with red cover (what demands attention is that the book is open and blank), red muffler (or red scarf) and red ink are all embodying the transferring process of the subjective consciousness and state of contemporary Chinese people, exhibiting the artist’s thought about people of the time.
This exhibition will present the artist – Guan Yong’s art completely. We hope this exhibition will make you enjoy the artist’s special artistic language and style, and at the same time, comprehend the creating concept and theme of his works, and his reflection and thoughts on the phenomenon and problems of the time.

Departure from Songzhuang
Travelling Exhibition of Songzhuang Contemporary Art
Venue: 1F,2F,Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
(No.27 Duolun Rd. Shanghai)
Produced by: Beijing Jixiang Bole Art Center
Curator: Li Tiejun
Executive Director: Gao Si
Organization: Pian Shan
Before the 1990’s, Songzhuang was simply a small town in the Tongzhou District of Beijing. Nowadays, the name “Songzhuang” represents the largest contemporary art community in China, and possibly even in the world.

The first art community in China came into being in the early 1990s as the country experienced the changes brought about by socialist economic system reform. A group of artists found a place for themselves free from the confines of social norms in a village called Fu Yuan men close to the Old Summer Palace where they could pursue an alternative way of life supporting artistic creation. Due to conflicts arising from the artists’ unconventional ways of living as well as census registration system restrictions, after a some time this group dissolved and many later moved to Songzhuang.

However, the Songzhuang art community did not grow as an imitation of the artist community model established in the Old Summer Palace. Rather, since 1994, Songzhuang has withstood more than ten years of chaos brought by socio-economic system reform and ideological transformation. In past years, both the establishment of a domestic art market system and the elevation of art’s status has helped Songzhuang community gain market recognition, and a place in the critical discourse of contemporary Chinese art. The initial desire for an alternative lifestyle that attracted artists to Songzhuang has now developed into an unignorable force accelerating the growth of Chinese contemporary art. Following the introduction of galleries, art organizations and museums into the community, Songzhuang artists have also transformed themselves from utopian idealists into practical thinkers, making significant contributions to the Chinese art system’s development as well.

While considering what Songzhuang as a community represents, equal attention should be directed towards the value of the works produced here. The community’s remote location does not inhibit the artists’ vision but rather the distance from a restless consumer society provides the most productive environment. Additionally, through the variety of styles and pieces on view we can see that the artists have remained acutely aware of a particular zeitgeist, and the need for self-renewal that follows.

It’s Duolun MoMA’s greatest pleasure to present The Traveling Exhibition of Songzhuang Contemporary Art and display these unique, representative works. Our goal is to provide a platform for the audience to feel the energy and vitality of Songzhuang as a contemporary art force.

345°Shanghai Fresh Art Exhibition

Opening:3 pm, July 28, 2007
Date: July 28 - August 26, 2007
Venue: Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art ( 27.Duolun Rd. 1F,2F,3F Close to SIchuan Bei Rd)
Produced by: Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Shanghai JingZhe Art Association
345°—Shanghai Fresh Art Exhibition
Press Release

“345°—SHANGHAI FRESH ART EXHIBITION”, co-organized by Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art and Shanghai Jingzhe Art Association, supported by Shanghai Wison Art Center, Shanghai Duolun Contemporary Art Center, and Present International Multiform Art (Italy), was open at Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art in July 28, 2007. 34 oil painting artists including Li Li, Lu Chengxiang, Mao Yanyang, Xu Zhaobin, Zhang Yuying and others, along with 24 Sculptors including Chen Jie, Jiang Min, Pan kai, Zhang Kaiqin and others, participated this exhibition. The Show is on at the museum from July 28 to August 26 (off Monday).
The spring thunder is followed by the time for all lives on the earth to start to grow. As Chinese ancient prose goes, when the sun reaches the celestial longitude, “the east wind will defrost the earth; the insects will have their first quivering”. And the same is also happening at “345°—Shanghai Fresh Art Exhibition”. Despite the amazing strength of their art works, the more than 50 exhibiting artists here with no exception are new artists born in around the 80’s, whose language of artistic creation and schemata invariably bear stunning characteristics. In addition, the organizing team of this exhibition is composed of a group of young people as well. All these vigorous young faces will inevitably bring to the show an irresistible freshness.

Art Warming
Opening:7 pm, July 5, 2007
Date: July 5 - July25, 2007

Venue: Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art ( 27.Duolun Rd. Close to SIchuan Bei Rd)
Produced by: Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art
Alejandro Alvargonzález San Martín Cónsul General of Spain in Shanghai

Administrative Director: Zhao Song

It is indeed an honour for me to hold this exhibition at Shanghai Duolun MoMA, not only because of the diversity of Chinese and Spanish artists that are taking part in it but also because of the power and dynamism present in their works.
Spain and China are apparently two very different countries. Yet, family values, traditions and celebrations, life in the street or the cultural diversity present in both countries are some common features to both cultures.
In addition to this, Spain and China have strong historic links: it hasn’t’ been so long since Spain and China decided to change their rumbos and open their doors to the rest of the world. Not so long ago Spanish and Chinese economies have started to experience an economic boost.
This exhibition constitutes an excellent opportunity to promote both a more fluid exchange between Spanish and Chinese artists in terms of digital art/new media art and a deepening in what both cultures represent in the XXI century.
Moreover, this exhibition is a platform to make people more conscious of global problems that affect all of us. In this sense, it is a pleasure for me to cooperate with Greenpeace and I deeply wish that this small step will contribute to a more fluid communication, a call to stop for a moment and think about what is happening around us.
Finally, I would like to warmly extend my thanks to both the New Media Art Department of the China Academy of Arts and the Shanghai Duolun MoMA for having, once again, cooperated with us.

Alejandro Alvargonzález San Martín
Cónsul General of Spain in Shanghai

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