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Espèces d’espace
October 12, 2008 – January 4th, 2009
Le Magasin - National Centre for Contemporary Art in Grenoble dedicates an exhibition and a publication to the 80s’ decade .
The exhibition’s line will enable a discovery or re-discovery of a few artists, or, for those whose work is very visible, rare pieces, lesser known or yet to be unravelled.

John M. Armleder, Günther Förg, Philippe Cazal / Jacques Fournet, Thomas Schütte, Allan Mc Collum, James Casebere, James Welling, Thomas Struth, Ludger Gerdes, Bernard Bazile, Laurie Simmons, Haim Steinbach, Bertrand Lavier, Thomas Huber, Bazile/Bustamante, Meyer Vaisman, Robin Winters, Coleen Fitzgibbon, © les readymade appartiennent à tout le monde, Christof Kohlhofer, Christy Rupp, John Ahearn, Jenny Holzer /Peter Nadin, Rebecca Howland, David Robbins, Axel Hütte, Thomas Ruff, Tom Warren, IFP, Stephan Eins, Jane Dickson, John Malpede.

Sunset is a monumental installation by Andro Wekua conceived specially for the La Rue space of Le Magasin. It is an assemblage of 170 ceramic tiles bearing a motif originally drawn by the artist, then enlarged 600 times and silkscreened onto the surface of the tiles. The image of a sunset as perfect colour stands as a façade borne and supported by a metal structure.

I Love the Horizon is a group show proposed by Andro Wekua with the help of Daniel Baumann. It features works by Rita Ackermann, Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Luis Buñuel, Xavier de Maria y Campos, Trisha Donnelly, Jannis Jaschke, Mikheil Kalatozishvili, Martin Kippenberger, Emil Michael Klein, Oliver Laric, Nick Mauss, Sergej Paradjanov, Ewa Partum, Steven Parrino, Seth Price, Richard Prince, Yves Saint-Laurent, Piotr Uklanski and texts by Anna Moschovakis, Anne Sexton, Marina Tsvetaeva, Derek Walcott and Adam Zagajewski.

Sunset and horizon evoke common ideas of eternity, introversion and beauty, but also individual experience, something people have seen on numerous occasions. Like art, they are a theatre and a stage onto which we, the public, project our nostalgia, our ideas and our enthusiasms, which they absorb like black holes. They make us irrational, lose our capacity to reason. Art opens up new horizons and leads us (like wit) to spaces of melancholy, knowledge and emancipation. I Love the Horizon is dedicated to them.

In 1972, Polish artist Ewa Partum wrote the words “New Horizon is a Wave” in sand on a sheet of paper. In her Poems by Ewa films (1972), we see her throwing paper letters into the sea and into a ravine so as to dissolve (man’s) language. The exhibition I Love the Horizon ends in the mountains and in real life, beyond the sunset and horizon, with two documentaries on the harshness of an isolated existence in the mountains of Spain (the 1932 Las Hurdes by Luis Buñuel and of Georgia (Salt for Svanetia, made in 1929 by the Georgian director Mikheil Kalatozishvili).

After this comes a space that gathers together images by Rita Ackermann, Xavier de Maria y Campos, Jannis Jaschke, Martin Kippenberger, Emil Michael Klein, Nick Mauss, Sergej Paradjanov, Richard Prince and Yves Saint-Laurent. It is dedicated to time: here Martin Kippenberger completes portraits of Jacqueline Picasso, Rita Ackermann places masks on time, Xavier Maria y Campos has it lie down, taking his wife as the model for photographs over many years, Yves Saint-Laurent and Sergej Paradjanov propitiate it with friendship, and Richard Prince multiplies it with re-photographed photos.

Before that, texts by Anna Moschovakis, Anne Sexton, Marina Tsvetaeva, Derek Walcott and Adam Zagajewski and a projection by Trisha Donnelly are presented in another room dedicated to poetry, which is conscious of its inadequacy in relation to the scale of the space

Finally, in the biggest room, abstraction makes an appearance, aiming to suggest a place of autonomy and emptiness, like a white room, with works by Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Steven Parrino, Seth Price and Piotr Uklanski.

The exhibition begins with 50 50 by Olivier Laric. These are films of 50 Cent fans singing his hit “In Da Club” that the artist found on youtube. Taking isolated sequences, Laric has put together a new hit, sung by the chorus of a global community, carrying visitors at the exhibition towards new mental horizons.
Sunset / I Love the Horizon is an artist’s book that Andro Wekua made by placing images and documents end to end.

Session 17 – Ecole du Magasin

point.doc is a project for three spaces / time frames concerning access to documents in contemporary art and research. It grew out of the work done in Session 17 at the Ecole du Magasin in relation to the archives of the Belgian collectors Annick and Anton Herbert. The Herberts are working to create a Foundation for their collection comprising major works of minimal and conceptual art plus hundreds of documents from 1972 to the present.

point.doc is articulated over three time frames and three spaces. These are mutually complementary curatorial responses to a double problematic: that of the transition from private to public space; and the joint one of access to documents in contemporary practices and research in art.

- Hypothèse pour une histoire (Salon Rouge)
25 May–24 August 2008 / private view 24 May 2008 at 18:00

Presenting a selection of documents from the Herbert Collection dated 1989–90, this exhibition offers an insight into these key years for the personal history of the collection, but also for artistic and social and political history.

- The Instant Archive

Selection of documents from and about 1989–90
Conceived as the fourth wall of the exhibition, this space will extend its meditation on the web by proposing a contemporary reading of 1989–90 through texts, links and bibliographies. It will take its place on the website conceived during Session 17 as a space of publication, documentation, archiving and communication for its research into private collections and curatorial practices.

- Access to document / Access through document
horsd’œuvre magazine - Publication 20 June 2008

Session 17 was given carte blanche for issue no. 22 of horsd’œuvre, a free journal with a print run of 5,000 distributed to art centres around France. The participants designed for this special space an invitation to contribute ideas addressed to artists, curators and theoreticians who in their practice or studies are concerned with the document and access thereto.

point.doc is a project by Virginie Bobin, Lucile Bouvard, Frida Carazzato, Maria Garzia, Julia Kläring and Silvana Silveira, participants in Session 17 at the Ecole du Magasin. -

Drawing for Human Park
3 February 2008 – 27 April 2008

Adel Abdessemed has conceived his exhibition at Le MAGASIN as a homogenous ensemble of new
pieces assembled under the title Drawing for Human Park, articulated through all the available
exhibition spaces: the central space under the glass ceiling of La Rue and the adjacent galleries. In this
“human park,” a symbolic image of a world in the throes of radical change, the artist draws the outlines
of new thoughts and new concepts of situations based on actions and postures in which, as he says,
“he jumps, starts, leaps, bucks, turns and twists.”

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