Previous Exhibitions - ESSL MUSEUM - Contemporary Art

Previous Exhibitions - ESSL MUSEUM - Contemporary Art


15.01.2006 – 28.01.2007 (SCHÖMER-HAUS)

Eventually, the Essl Collection will house again a representative overview of its own holdings for the duration of a whole year: masterpieces from the focal points of the collection Austrian Art after 1945, as well as contemporary painting, photography, video and sculpture from Europe, North America and Australia. The collector-couple Agnes and Karlheinz Essl compile a selection, which will be on display at the Schömer-Haus for a whole year. The venue is situated only a few minutes’ walk away from the museum – it is here that the exhibition activity of the collection took its beginning in the eighties. The office building of the Schömer enterprise group of Heinz Tesar is equipped with a spectacular exhibition hall, in which the works reveal themselves to the viewer from different levels in ever changing dialogues.

New opening hours Schömer-Haus:
Daily 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Free entrance!

AUSTRIA: 1900 – 2000
Confrontations and Continuities
17.02. – 21.05.2006 (Galleries, Exhibition Hall, Grand Hall)

One century’s history of the development of Austrian Art reflected in a spectacular overview in the entire museum of the Essl Collection. Curated by Professor Wieland Schmied, who is one of the most extraordinary experts in Austrian art, the exhibition offers under the thematic thread "Confrontations – Continuities" his selection of artistic landmarks of the 20th century, with a large variety of loans from important museums, among them works by Richard Gerstl, Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Alfred Kubin and Herbert Boeckl. The focus of the show from the 1950s is naturally comprised of works from the Essl Collection, the most extensive private collection of Austrian art of the 20th century. In addition, the curator Mag. Silvie Aigner dedicates a separate area of the exhibition to very recent developments in Austrian art: she presents an outlook in the 21st century.

Pictures from a City
31.05. – 03.09.2006 (Galleries)

Once again, there is a boom in painting. The international interest in painting is focussed on one particular place: Leipzig. Collectors and curators of museums from all over the world travel to the Saxon metropolis, in order to visit artists of the "New Leipzig School" in their workshops. The curator of the exhibition Dr. Hans-Werner Schmidt, director of the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig, is a long-standing, profound expert in the Leipzig "art scene". As important precursors, the exhibition displays works of the "Leipzig School" artists Bernhard Heisig, Wolfgang Mattheuer and Werner Tübke and their student Arno Rink, as well as the internationally acclaimed Neo Rauch, who links earlier tendencies with present young positions. The stars of the "New Leipzig School" like Tilo Baumgärtel, Tim Eitel, Martin Kobe, etc. will be at the centre of the show, which offers a platform both to the medium of painting and to photography (amongst others Matthias Hoch, Ricarda Roggan). The exhibition houses pieces from the holdings of the Essl Collection, but also numerous loans from Leipzig workshops, introducing the current works of a succeeding vital generation as guidelines towards the future.

30.06. – 17.09.2006 (Exhibition Hall)
Extended until 01.11.06!

For many decades, Jürgen Messensee has been interested in classical masters like Tizian, Velázquez or Cézanne. Beside this art historical discussion, the human figure is ever again the central motif of his works. Messensee’s painting style is characterized by an "apparent casualness", with which he applies sketch-like pictures by way of different materials onto the canvas or the paper. The Essl Collection dedicates to the artist a comprehensive overview on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

Painting the Light
30.06. – 03.09.2006 (Grand Hall)

Painting the Light – this is the title of an exciting presentation curated by Rygg Karberg of one of the most significant and most radical pioneers of abstraction after 1945. Pierre Soulages' oeuvre is still evolving in unbroken creativity. The Essl Collection, holding world-wide the most comprehensive body of works of the artist, shows these pieces in a dialogue with numerous works from the painter’s own possession. The show spans early works from the forties up to later pieces from around 2002. The importance of the colour black in Soulages' work, which re- awakens the light to life, can be re-experienced through an extensive variety of facets.

Art in times of change
15.09.2006 – 28.01.2007 (Galleries)

Curator Feng Boyi and the Essl Collection offer an insight into the contemporary art of China. The artistic creation of China is marked by the search for the Chinese identity after the enormous social and economic transformations of the country in the course of the last decades. The artworks include both elements from traditional Chinese art and symbols of the long practised Social Realism. Aesthetically, critically and often in a humorous way, the artists introduce their works, which discuss themes like capitalism, globalization and Western art from completely new viewpoints.

The Berlin Suitcase by Johanes Zechner
15.09. – 05.11.2006 (Großer Saal)

The Berlin-Koffer (2002-2003) by Johanes Zechner is the most recent piece of the Austrian painter belonging to his series of ‘suitcase-works’. Since 1993, Zechner has worked on this feature in Europe and its peripheries as nomadic artist. An essential element of this workgroup and at the same time strategy for inspiration is the theme of the journey. The "Berlin-Koffer" is the ground-breaking project of a one-year Berlin diary comprised of 100 pieces. Here, the artist develops from the traveller to the ‘flaneur’, who does not travel to a strange city, but rather explores the place, in which he lives: a metropolis between dream and trauma. This installation will be accompanied by a sound installation, conceived by the composer Karlheinz Essl.

Within the framework of the exhibition series >emerging artists<
17 November 2006 – 25 February 2007 (exhibition hall)

emerging artists this year raises the question "What about current art in Switzerland?" - the main focus of attention is placed on those artists, who live and work in Switzerland. From 500 applications, the curators chose a pre-selection of 35 artists and met them in their studios in Switzerland. They finally agreed on 16 artists who - in a group exhibition - will present an insight into current art in Switzerland. The exhibition will be displayed on 800 m2 and is on show from 17 November 2006 until 25 February 2007. On occasion of the exhibition, a 170 pages strong catalogue is published.

The artists are Tatiana Arce, Lukas Beyeler, Patricia Bucher, Stefan Burger, Claudia Ebnoether, Sonja Feldmeier, Christian Gonzenbach, Sylvia Hostettler, Monika Ursina Jäger, Anastasia Katsidis, Alex Meszmer und Reto Müller, Barbarella Maier, Alexandra Maurer, Irina Polin, Christian Ratti und Herbert Weber.

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