Previous Exhibitions - Jewish Museum Berlin

Previous Exhibitions - Jewish Museum Berlin

15. March 2007 to 22. March 2007"
Before the Eyes of the World" - Projection of Photographs from Darfur
The Jewish Museum Berlin will show a projection of photographs from Darfur. More than 170 photographs taken by eight well-known photographers will be projected onto three 30m² screens on the Museum façade each night of the campaign week from 7 pm.

15. March 2007 to 09. April 2007
Smallest Witnesses. The Crisis in Darfur trough Children's Eyes
The Jewish Museum Berlin will show a special exhibition with drawings by children and young people from the refugee camps in Darfur, collected by Human Rights Watch aid workers. Photographs by the Magnum photographer Paolo Pellegrin, winner of several awards, will also be on show.

03. November 2006 to 25. February 2007
Jewish - Now. Photographs and Interviews
The exhibition presents two projects completed by students from the University of Applied Sciences in Konstanz (communication design) and the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld (photography and media studies). The students have explored the theme of Jewish life in Germany today intensively and have recorded the results of their work in photographs and interviews.

29. September 2006 to 09. April 2007
Home and Exile. Jewish Emigration from Germany since 1933
The forced exodus of the German Jews after 1933 is the theme of a large exhibition organized by the Jewish Museum Berlin in cooperation with the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn. The exhibition tells of persecution and preparing for flight, of journeys to an uncertain future, and from beginning anew in a foreign world. Covering issues of daily life, adaptation, and integration, the exhibition looks at the geographical and emotional location of "home."

01. June 2006 to 26. November 2006
Faster, Higher, Stronger...
"Faster, Higher, Stronger... "
A Showcase Exhibition on the Jewish Sport Movement 1898-1938

07. April 2006 to 27. August 2006
Sigmund Freud would have turned 150 in 2006: A good reason to dedicate an unusual exhibition to him and his invention. Taking the most important stages in Sigmund Freud's life and his best-known case studies as a starting point, the exhibition leads visitors into an interactive labyrinth of the key concepts of psychoanalysis, allowing insight into the worlds of obsessive-compulsive neurosis, the castration complex, and the superego.

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