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The National Museum of Art of Romania (in Romanian: Muzeul Naţional de Artă al României) is located in the former royal palace in Revolution Square, Bucharest, Romania.

The history the building carries within makes any visit comparable to a time travel. During the reign of Carol I (1866 – 1914) the palace has the status of royal winter residence; the king decorates the palace according to his taste and he is as well preoccupied with creating a painting collection which is the today’s nucleus of the European Art Gallery.

Starting 1948 the decision to open a museum inside the palace was put in practice and the reception halls were attributed to the State Council. During the events in December 1989, the building was almost 80% damaged, over 1000 art works being destroyed or harmed.
Starting 1990 the building became the National Museum of Art of Romania and since 2000, after ten years of restoration works, The National Museum of Art of Romania houses three permanent galleries.

The European Art Gallery, the Romanian Medieval Art Gallery and the Romanian Modern Art Gallery include artworks exhibited in an interactive and modern manner, transforming every visit into a delightful and instructive way of spending free time.

The National Museum of Art of Romania also has three satellite museums: The Art Collections Museum, presently exhibiting 14 of the 44 art collections donated to the state starting 1927, Th. Pallady Museum, hosted in one of the oldest houses in Bucharest and K.H. Zambaccian Museum, holding a series of remarkable masterpieces of Romanian and French art.

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