Profile - Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga

The CAC Málaga is a cultural initiative from The City Council of Málaga. Its aim is the promotion and dissemination of 20th- and 21st-century visual art by bringing the most recent trends in contemporary art to the public, expressed through visual and audiovisual means.

The project is an innovative one within Spain as it combines models of private management with the aims and ideals of public administration. The CAC Málaga was officially opened on 17 February 2003 by Their Royal Highnesses the Infanta Cristina and her husband, Iñaki Urdangarín, Dukes of Palma.

Without forgetting its support for local and national artists, the CAC Málaga opened with a clearly stated mission that was directed towards international art, with the intention of becoming a reference point both on the national as well as the European circuit.

A pioneering new project was thus launched, based on the model of the German "Kunsthalle". According to this model, the Centre has been conceived as a "House of Art" which is dynamic and open to new trends and forms of expression in contemporary art and characterised by its dynamic nature, its emphasis on the dissemination of contemporary art and reflection on the issues involved in this field. The result is a wide variety of activities and a permanent reflection on contemporary art, its sources and influences. The Centre is a place which encourages local participation and places great emphasis on teaching and education.

The CAC Málaga holds exhibitions and other events of a pioneering nature within the context of Spain, strengthening the presence of artists who have never been exhibited in this country. It also offers seminars and courses with the intention of broadening knowledge and reflecting on different aspects of contemporary art.

The opening of the CAC Málaga has opened up new cultural possibilities in the south of Spain and the centre was specifically created with the intention of becoming an international reference point.

Since it was inaugurated, CAC Málaga has acquired a total of 57 works by local, Spanish and international artists, an increase of 15% on the total of the collection. The Centre has the smallest budget of any Spanish contemporary art centre for its management and acquisition of works and yet it has managed, according to the magazine Capital and the portal, to take its place among the 150 most important art centres and museums in the world.

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