Profile - Museo Botero

Colombian artist Fernando Botero has been an avid art collector since the 1970s. Initially his personal collection contained pre-Colombian pieces then went on to include colonial era art and more recently universal modern drawing, painting and sculpture. Until 1999 his collections were dispersed among his apartments in New York, Paris, Monte Carlo and Pietre Santa as well as deposits in a Swiss bank.

In the mid-1990s Botero brought up the possibility of donating his entire collection of art. The whole collection, valued at more than $200 million was donated to the Banco de la República de Colombia in Bogotá, an institution with a long trajectory of cultural activities related to coin collections, art and libraries.

In 2000 the collection was brought together in Colombia. Botero also added a significant number of pieces by himself to the collection along with 21 additional pieces by artists such as Matta, Lam, Stella and Rodin.

Botero himself curated the collection with the assistance of Ana María Escallón and José Roca. One of his conditions on donating the collection was that none of the works could be loaned or moved from its location once it had been hung. To this day the museum therefore exhibits the works just as Botero decided.

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