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One museum - two buildings

The Museum der Moderne Salzburg, the MdM Salzburg, (museum of modern art Salzburg) consists of two buildings at two spectacular locations:

The MdM Rupertinum in the old part of town: a baroque house for new artistic concepts.

The MdM Mönchsberg (museum of modern art) on the Mönchsberg: within a contemporary framework.

The MdM Mönchsberg lies on an exposed ridge over the old city and presents itself as new and actual architecture fit for exhibitions of larger size and presentations of international collections. The own extensive collection as well as large exhibitions of international contemporary art can be presented within an appropriate framework.

The MdM Rupertinum, established by the archbishops as a baroque city palace, is situated in direct neighborhood of the Festspielhaus and the cathedral district, and was adapted for the presentation of modern art.

Both buildings of the MdM Salzburg have approximately 3,000 m2 exhibition surface for thematic and monographic exhibitions of the art of the 20th and 21st centuries, while being also suitable for presentations of prints and photography.

History of the museum

The idea for the establishment of a museum for modern art and the collection dates back to the initiative of the the Salzburg art dealer Friedrich Welz, who donated a large part of its private collection to the county Salzburg. Through his personal friendship with Oskar Kokoschka a considerable bundle of works of the famous Austrian expressionist came to the collection Rupertinum.

1983 the Rupertinum was handed over to the public of Salzburg as museum for modern art and prints collection. The founding director of the establishment, Otto Breicha, integrated the Austrian photo gallery, the most important collection of contemporary Austrian photography.

In October 2004 - with the opening of the MdM(museum of modern art) on the Mönchsberg, the former national collection Rupertinum was also integrated into the new concept of a common museum of modern art Salzburg.

With an almost tenfold enlargement of the exhibition surface and the distribution of the programs over two buildings, international standards had now to be applied concerning exhibitions requirement and collecting activity. The local museum in the stylish old town house with fine exhibitions of usually graphic works of the classical modern art had become an international and exciting institution with generous areas and presentation possibilities for large formats, installation work, media art and extensive cross sections of large collections.

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