Profile - Le Confort Moderne

Le Confort Moderne, under the management of the L'Oreille est Hardie association, has been engaged since 1985 in the creation, production and diffusion of original works of contemporary art, music and trans-disciplinary experimentation. It is a conceptual laboratory enabling a productive exchange between, on one hand, the arts of music and theatre, and on the other, those of exposition and of the image.

Each project begins life as the conception of a particular artist before being deployed within (or without) the four walls of le Confort Moderne. Thus the artistic goal of le Confort Moderne is to defend creativity and originality without targeting a particular aesthetic view, and to promote artists who, whether explicitly or implicitly, put forth their own aesthetic critique, be it social or political.

The planning of events is heavily biased towards scenic performances and in situ productions. Le Confort Moderne tries to avoid as much as possible the artificial mechanism of "creating a work", preferring instead to create a direct relation with the artist and his process of creation. Loyal to its creative vision, le Confort Moderne develops areas of research favouring trans-disciplinary works and the breaking of traditional artistic moulds, regularly experimenting with mixtures of performance art and expositions, but also using other artistic disciplines when a particular project calls for them. Sensitive to possible public apprehension vis-à-vis the content of some expositions, le Confort Moderne strives to create a favourable context for the encounter.

Whether it is through its strict policy on low entrance fees, its status as a creative association, its cultural activism, its open-door policy or through the network of partnerships, learning opportunities, debates and conviviality, le Confort Moderne offers a place for all who are looking for an alternative to the traditionally dominant forms of culture.

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