Profile - Hoffmann Collection

The Hoffmann Collection is a private Collection of contemporary art. In her private living and working spaces, Erika Hoffmann presents works in various media, including painting, sculpture, photography and video.

Rolf and Erika Hoffmann made their first discoveries in contemporary art in the sixties at the early Documentas in Kassel, and in exhibitions at the museums, exhibition spaces and Kunstvereine of Germany's Rhineland region. Challenged by the new ideas they discussed with artists friends and attracted by the works that incorporated these ideas they felt inspired in their private life as wel as for their professional activity.

In order to maintain this direct access to the ideas and discourses of the art scene despite the demands of raising a family and running their company, "van Laack," they started, in the late sixties, buying art sporadically. The works they chose were by not yet established artists whom they knew personally and with whom they associated certain concepts. At the time the idea - let alone the goal - of establishing a vast Collection of contemporary art had not crossed their minds.
The great variety of artistic expression excited Rolf and Erika Hoffmann and was at the same time, in their eyes, the essential characteristic of contemporary art. They sought out innovation regardless of medium. Wherever their (mostly business) travels took them, it was contemporary art that provided them an outlet for engaging in the pressing questions facing society.

With the sale of their company in 1985, Rolf and Erika Hoffmann were able to dedicate more time to their passion to see more new work as well as to delve more deeply into their acquisitions; and more financial freedom to invest in additional new purchases. Still, the Hoffmanns continued to think of their collecting as purely private, a pursuit of their own personal taste and interests that was, accordingly, anonymous.

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