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Chocolate is a highly prevalent product, but very few people know where it comes from, what its history is, or how it is made. The Eupen-based Jacques chocolate factory intends to do something about this
gap with its fabulous and educational "Chocolate Kingdom".
Antoine Jacques founded the JACQUES chocolate factory in 1896. Its purpose was to make chocolate, confectionery and gingerbread. Several similar industries existed in Verviers thus providing specialised workers. The head office, rue des Fabriques in Verviers, employed 43 workers. Antoine Jacques had been previously associated with Jean-Joseph Hardy who was also a local chocolate maker. The chocolate bar was promoted by JACQUES and its patent applied for on 8th February 1936.
In 1920, together with his partner, William Zurstrassen, Antoine Jacques created the limited company CHOCOLATERIE JACQUES and transferred it to Eupen in 1922. Since then its first aim has ever been the continual improvement of the quality of its products and the regular development of new chocolate bars and tablets.
In 1982, JACQUES CHOCOLATERIE was taken over by the STOLLWERCK group. The steady grow of the sales leaded to a saturation of the previous production facilities and in 1986 the construction of a new factory had become imperative. Production started in the new production unit in July 1987.
The factory was extended by 50 % in 1994 and has now a total surface of 6,075 sq.m.
It is situated on a 31,400 sq.m. site enjoying a prime infrastructure in the Eupen Industrial Estate. The total of the realized investments amounts to more than EUR 25.000.000.
In the middle of the year 2002 all the STOLLWERCK group, and therefore as well JACQUES CHOCOLATERIE, has been taken over by the Swiss group BARRY-CALLEBAUT.
JACQUES CHOCOLATERIE currently employs 170 workers and it produces around 25,000 tons per year. Production workforce is organized into three shifts during the week.
In 1993 JACQUES CHOCOLATERIE was awarded with the Prix Wallonie in recognition for its efforts towards export.

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