Profile - Winnipeg Art Gallery

Established in 1912, the Winnipeg Art Gallery is Western Canada’s oldest public art gallery, mandated to develop and maintain Manitoba’s visual arts heritage. As one of Canada’s leading galleries, it collects and exhibits works of art by Manitoba, Canadian, and international artists.
The WAG takes seriously its mandate of Involving People in the Visual Arts, and is committed to helping people enrich their lives through art. Exhibitions are accompanied by informative wall panels, brochures, articles in the Gallery publication Tableau, catalogues—all designed to guide visitors to a new appreciation of the art they are viewing. Tours conducted by trained Gallery guides—and often by the artists or curators themselves—bring a new dimension to visitors’ enjoyment of the exhibitions.
Over the past half-century, thousands of children and adults have opened their minds and stretched their imaginations in WAG art classes. From painting to photography, pottery to printmaking, they have discovered that making art takes them into a whole new world away from the strains and stresses of daily life.
As Manitoba’s premier gallery, the WAG also reaches out into the rest of the province by touring shows to rural galleries and exhibition centres. WAG exhibitions also regularly tour to other Canadian galleries. Internationally, WAG exhibitions have shown in New York, Caracas, Bogota, Barcelona, Tokyo, Thessaloniki, and Verona.
Extending beyond just the visual arts, the WAG also offers readings by Manitoba writers and poets; lectures by internationally known critics, writers, and filmmakers; summertime jazz concerts in the rooftop garden; films; giant parties like Art & Soul, and may other exciting events.

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