Profile - Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg was planned and opened as a lively and dynamic center for the public presentation of modern and contemporary art. As a cultural and social institution with a mission of information and visual education, the Kunstmuseum is supported by a private foundation.
Its conception, based on a developing permanent collection and an ongoing program of special exhibitions, makes the Kunstmuseum into an open forum rich in contrasts, echoes, and cadences. This is no hermetically enclosed temple of the Muses. The major strands of its work connect with aspects of life in the modern industrial city of Wolfsburg, home to a world-class corporation: themes of modernity, urban living, internationalism, quality, and variety of form.
The wide scope of the exhibition program covers presentations of the classics of Modernism together with internationally established contemporaries and younger, innovative artists. Equal emphasis is assigned to traditional and new media in visual art. The permanent collection specializes in a select range of positions within contemporary art.

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