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G: Class (The Global Classroom) is an innovative arts education program established by the New Museum of Contemporary Art. It is the mission of G:Class to empower youth to think critically about global issues and locate themselves within a global context through contemporary art, architecture and design.

G:Class helps high school teachers engage their students in three major ways:

1) Curriculum and Professional Development
G:Class works with teachers to seamlessly integrate contemporary art, design, and architecture with a global focus into their existing curricula including, but not limited to, literary arts, social studies, and studio art classes. G:Class also offers supplemental professional development workshops to help teachers realize the full potential of contemporary art and visual culture as an interdisciplinary teaching tool.

2) G:Class Seminar Series
G:Class brings recognized artists, designers, and architects into the classroom to run workshops and seminars with students, directly linking to the classroom curriculum. The G:Class Seminar Series provides students with the rare opportunity to meet and interact with artists and other creative professionals to address current global issues and simultaneously promote the arts as potential career options for young people.

3) G:Class Website
The G:Class Website will connect and activate a global network of teachers, students, and artists through online forums, multi-collaborator projects, and other digital resources. The G:Class website serves as an integral learning environment for teachers and students and will utilize G:Class’ ever-evolving network.

G:Class is working with The Beacon School (NYC), New Design High School (NYC), and City Studio (SF) during its second year of operation (2006-2007).

For further information, please contact:
Li Sumpter, Manager of School and Youth Programs, on 212-219-1222 x.216, or via email at

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