Schools - Altes Museum – Staatl. Museen Berlin

Schools - Altes Museum – Staatl. Museen Berlin


To include museums in school teaching has always been an aim of Museum Education. Therefore, a large number of thematic guided tours for school groups are on offer in the different museums. A series of teacher training programmes on specific subjects (published in the programmes of the "Berliner Instituts für Lehrerfort- und weiterbildung und Schulentwicklung", the Berlin teacher training institute) highlight the respective thematic references to the framework plan.

Our mediation work places special emphasis on overcoming school children’s inhibitions regarding the museum. We want them to find joy and fun in the act of looking at and discovering original works of art, and to get to know the museum as a place of original documents of history, culture and art. A variety of educational material and method-rich pedagogic mediation are designed to make guided tours varied and rich in experience so that school children actually enjoy coming to the museum.

The aims of educational mediation work are, above all, to inspire joy in learning through discovery and play, to advance powers of observation, to stimulate children and young adults and to motivate them to look into a given specific subject, to animate their imagination, to involve them with all their senses, to enable them to learn how to move about a museum independently and collect information.

For information on the wide range of guided tours on offer for school groups please call the following number:

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