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GUIDED TOURS (60 minutes / max. 25 pupils):
appointment by telephone 0732/7070-3602 or 3606 (Mon.-Fri.: 8 am -1 pm)
Cost: € 30.- per group (plus € 2.- admission per pupil)

WORKSHOPS (120 minutes / max. 30 pupils):
appointment by telephone 0732/7070-3602 or 3606 ( Mon.-Fri.: 8 am -1 pm )
Cost: € 5.- per pupil (incl. admission, tour and material)

Fantastic Figures (age 6 and up):
Three-dimensional figures are made using diverse material (wire, foil, buttons, gems, feathers, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, fabrics, cardboard, ...)

"Our heads are round so our thinking can change direction" (technical secondary schools,...):
Getting acquainted - the Lentos Art Museum introduces itself. The workshop is especially geared to young adults seeking possibilities to access their personal discovery of art for the first time. The workshop focuses on questions of (dialogical) approach.

Landscapes for Passions (age 6 and up):
Starting from various objects, connections are made to personal experiences of nature. The theme "landscape and emotion" is developed in conversation with the pupils. Subsequently, the group views and discusses main works of landscape painting together. "Landscapes" are created in the workshop using the techniques of collage and frottage (rubbing over a rough, relief-like surface).

In the Blink of an Eye - Encounters with Art (age 6 and up):
Posing, displaying oneself, being drawn.
This workshop invites a dialogical encounter with works from the Lentos Collection. The pupils draw, glue, make poetry, and playfully gain an insight into art from the romantic era to the modern era.

Lentos Museum Guide for Young Readers - "Out of the Frame"
available at the Lentos Shop

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