Schools - Museum of Natural & Cultural History, University of Oregon

Amazing Adventures

Tours Recommended for Second Through Fifth Grade Students

Archaeology Detectives

What's an atlatl? Why was cedar so important? Students answer these questions and more when they learn about the diverse cultures of Oregon Native Americans during this hands-on tour. Investigate artifacts and hypothesize how items may have been used by people long ago. Observation and discussion uncover clues about Oregon cultures.

Geology Rocks!

Learn how Crater Lake formed, handle fossils from prehistoric times, and see some of the coolest rocks from around Oregon. Kids will love this tour and activity, which includes the trivia game Geology Genius, designed to engage students in uncovering the formation of Oregon's unique landscape.
Technology and Time

Explore the technology of the past, including hunting implements, weaving techniques, and agricultural inventions. Students will explore similarities and differences between today's technology and that of thousands of years ago. Choose basket twining, cordage-making, or artifact investigation as a hands-on activity included in the tour.

Teen Tours

Recommended for sixth through twelfth grade students

Cultural Scene Investigation

What does it take to be an archaeologist? This tour and activity focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of archaeology and engages students in math, science, and art as they observe and record data about artifacts. Students participate in a tour of the exhibits, led by a knowledgeable guide, and become experts in their own topic areas.

Humans and Environmental Change

How has Oregon's landscape changed over time? How have humans affected the region? How have cultures been shaped by their environment? Students will consider these questions during this hands-on inquiry-based tour. Participants will investigate fossils and artifacts as clues to the past and report on the data they uncover.

Perspectives Through Time

Students will learn about important events in Oregon's history, including the arrival of pioneer settlers and the damming of Celilo Falls, and then discuss the outcomes from various perspectives. Spend extra time at the museum for student presentations or continue the activity in the classroom.

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