Sponsorship - Secession - Exhibition Hall for Contemporary Art


Funding of the Exhibition Programme and Maintenance of the Secession Building

In 2003, the Secession financed around 70% of its maintenance and administration costs, together with the production of exhibitions of international contemporary art, from its own resources. The balance was supplied from municipal and federal funds. This affords the Secession considerable financial autonomy compared to other art and cultural institutions and ensures the survival of independent, progressive, controversial and versatile exhibition planning that has characterised the Secession since its foundation: "To every time its art: to art its freedom".

New Models for Promotion

In future, the Secession hopes to intensify its collaboration with private enterprises, both in the form of long-term partnerships and project-related co-operation, so as to consolidate its financial independence. Apart from this, up-to-date and promising models for art sponsorship are being developed with representatives from industry and the media, which will enable the Secession to reach new target audiences and implement mutually developed models of communication, as well as to ensure the sensible exploitation of any ensuing synergy. No attempt will made to paper over or even negate differences in opinion and contradictory stand points, as these should be accepted as a welcome opportunity for constructive criticism. However, the prerequisite for this is the acceptance of the absolute freedom of contemporary art on the part of the co-operating partners and the ability to accept different values.

If you are interested in cooperating with the Secession, send us a message.

Erste Bank and Secession

As partner and main sponsor of the Secession, for several years now the Erste Bank has been breaking new ground in the field of art sponsoring. The Erste Bank relies on long-term cooperation with selected partners and understands sponsoring as dedicated, vital collaboration. Independence in all artistic decisions and a forward-looking stance are among the declared goals of the Secession. Independence, innovation and an orientation to the future are the values that the Erste Bank stands for as a sponsor. The many years of successful partnership between the Secession and the Erste Bank document this common dedication to independence and innovation. As the main sponsor, the Erste Bank contributes essentially to the realization of the Secession's primary concern, the presentation of the most recent trends in Austrian and international contemporary art to an interested audience.

Kontakt. The Arts and Civil Society Program of Erste Bank Group in Central Europe

The Arbeiterkammer Wien has been active in the field of cultural sponsoring for many years now, successfully building bridges between the arts, training and education and the world of work. Its activities in this area range from theatre via intercultural projects through to the fine arts: besides the project series Arbeitswelten (Working Worlds), which it has been running since 2001on billboards near its headquarters in Vienna's Prinz-Eugen-Straße in cooperation with the museum in progress, the Arbeiterkammer has also supported arts projects in the public space and initiatives for young artists.

Since 2003 the Arbeiterkammer Wien has been acting as patron and sponsor of an annual exhibition at the Secession, the implementation of which is funded with the institution's support. Activities organised within the framework of this cooperation include joint pre-opening events and special guided tours of the exhibitions.

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