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Since 1983 the city of Stuttgart has awarded an art prize financed by the fortune of Stuttgart painter Hans Molfenter (1884-1979), who bequeathed his estate to the capital of Baden-Württemberg. Every three years (until 1995, every two years), a prize of €16,000 is shared among several artists "who have a connection to South West Germany and have received recognition for their outstanding artistic work". The winners are selected by jury. The award ceremony is accompanied by an exhibition in Kunstmuseum Stuttgart.

Previous recipients include:
1983 Ben Willikens | 1985 Hans Schreiner | 1987 K.R.H. Sonderborg | 1989 Horst Antes | 1991 Anton Stankowski | 1993 Günter Behnisch | 1995 Walter Stöhrer | 1998 Dieter Krieg | 2005 Rebecca Horn

Willi Baumeister Archive

The Kunstmuseum Stuttgart has housed the Willi Baumeister Archive since January 2005. It contains the estate of artist Willi Baumeister (1889-1955). The archive was compiled by his widow and daughters and is now accessible for the purposes of academic research. Several art historians were involved in producing the different catalogues dedicated to oils, drawings, gouaches, collages and prints. The archive advises on content and loans works to both comprehensive retrospective exhibitions and smaller themed presentations.
The archive is administrated in its new surroundings by Hadwig Goez. Felicitas Baumeister - as daughter of the artist especially familiar with the estate contents - fulfills a consulting role with her knowledge of and about the works and continues to produce specialist reports with the co-operation of the catalogue authors.

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