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Application Process

The application form of the Berliner Künstlerprogramm can be downloaded here in file format. Simply click with the mouse on the following link and the file will be shown on the screen.
formular.pdf, (44k).

(Acrobat Reader 4, which is needed to open the file can be downloaded here:

The application procedure requires the submission of the completed application form and the following work materials:

1. Writers:
Own publications (preferably in German, otherwise in English or French; if possible) - but please no more than 4 or 5 books / reviews. No manuscripts.

2. Composers:
Scores, records, CDs, DVDs, tapes , videos, own publications, but no more than 3-4 samples please. The material ought to be co-ordinated very precisely, i.e. the score, the description of the work, photos and videos belonging to the samples should also be submitted. If specific pieces should be listened to, they should be marked accordingly.

3. Filmmakers:
Scripts, videotapes, if possible films - only Super 8 or 16mm, but no more than 2 films or videotapes please. Synopsis of film in German, English or French required, if the film is not shot or sub-titled in one of these languages.

All materials sent in must be clearly marked with name and year of origin, they will be returned by surface mail after the decision on selection has been made. The DAAD cannot assume any responsibility for submitted materials.

Please note::
Every year, invitations coupled with grants are extended to approx. 15 to 20 internationally known artists as well as to painters, sculptors, writers and composers from abroad, who are invited to spend 12 months (6 months in exceptional cases) in Berlin. The grant for filmmakers is limited to a six month stay. The invitations in the fields of literature, music and film are discussed by an internationally composed jury with alternating members, which meets in Berlin each spring. The jury scrutinises the submitted applications and materials which should be as recent as possible: publications, films, videotapes, tapes, records, scores and texts. There is no application procedure in the field of visual arts; in this case a commission issues invitations to internationally known artists; i.e. applications in the field of visual arts are no longer possible. The decisions are announced to applicants in all fields roughly one to two months after the respective bodies have met.

An application through the Berliner Künstlerprogramm is one of the most sought after scholarships in the world. Hundreds of applications reach us year to year. Therefore, because of the exceptional number of applications compared to awarded scholarships, many highly qualified applications cannot be considered. The non-acceptance of an application is not in any way a negative value-judgement about the artistic work of the applicant. Reapplication is possible. The application together with all work material must, on principle, reach us by the 1st of January, of the year before the outgoing invitation.

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