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Studying drawings and art prints

The Prints and Drawings collection is open for visits on weekdays, however advance booking is required. There are restrictions on the number of objects included in each visit.

General information and rules

Swedish drawings, 18th- and 19th-century: Ulf Cederlöf: +46(0)8-5195 4402,

Drawings and prints: Per Hedström: +46(0)8-5195 4356,

Architectural drafts and plans: Wofgang Nittnaus: +46(0)8-5195 4323,

The Art Library

Closed to the public 15 June - 20 August 2007

Welcome to the Art Library
The Art Library is one of the largest in the Nordic area specialising in art and applied art. Its stock reflects the collections and activities of both Nationalmuseum and Moderna Museet, and covers mainly the period from the Renaissance to contemporary art.

The Art Library is principally an internal resource for researchers and exhibition teams at Nationalmuseum and Moderna Museet. It is also a reference library for researchers, museum staff, artists and others with a professional interest in art. The library is open to the public.

Much of the literature consists of artist monographs, auction catalogues and catalogues of various art collections and exhibitions. Most of the items are in storage and must be ordered. Read more at Visit the library

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