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A.I.R Gallery

A.I.R. Gallery's Mission is to advance the status of women artists by exhibiting quality work by a diverse group of women artists and to provide leadership and community to women artists.

A.I.R. Gallery was founded in 1972 as the first artist-run, not-for-profit gallery for women artists in the United States. The goals of our mission are accomplished primarily through our exhibition programs: solo shows of Gallery Artists, sponsored solo shows for our Fellowship Artists, group shows of National Artists, invitational solo shows through our Gallery II Program, and group shows designed to include a broader community of women artists such as our "Generations" invitational series and our juried Biennial Exhibitions. The gallery also meets its mission by addressing topics of general concern to the public through lectures and symposia; by bringing the work of its exhibiting artists to the awareness of museums, collectors and critics; by working with interns and volunteers; and by making its archive of materials documenting the 30+ years history of A.I.R. available to the public.


New York City Artists exhibiting.

Betsy Alwin*
Susan Bee
Liz Surbeck Biddle
Megan Biddle*
Margarida Correia*
Daria Dorosh
Regina Granne
Louise Kramer
Stephanie Lempert*
Carolyn Martin
Louise McCagg
JoAnne McFarland
Sylvia Netzer
Ann Pachner
Sheila Ross
Barbara Roux
Maria Luisa Sartori
Ann Schaumburger
Ursula Schneider
Kathleen Schneider
Francie Shaw
Barbara Siegel
Elisabeth Munro Smith
Joan Snitzer
Alice Steinhardt
Nancy Storrow
Brynna K. Tucker*
Claudia Vieira*
Haejin Yoon
*Fellowship Recipient

National Artists
Patricia Barefoot
Carol Boram-Hays
Judy Cooper
Lisa Cooperman
Leigh Craven
Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin
Barbara Grinell
Leslie Kneisel
Jeanette May
Nancy Morrow
Marcia Neblett
Katsura Okada
Mimi Oritsky
Claire Owen
Joan Ryan
Marie Sivak
Crit Streed
Meg Walker
Taryn Wells
Cynthia Winika

Gallery Alumnae
Nancy Azara
Stephanie Bernheim
Maude Boltz
Ivy Dachman
Leila Daw
Phyllis Ewen
Barbara Garber
Jessie Nebraska Gifford
Jane Gilmor
Mary Grigoriadis
Adrienne Heinrich
Sue Hettmansperger
Michi Itami
Joyce Koskenmaki
Claire Wolf Krantz
Mary Maughelli
Julia Shepley
Sylvia Sleigh Alloway
Elke Solomon
Jean Kondo Weigl

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Opening hours

Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 6pm.

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