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AKA Gallery Inc

AKA is an artist-run centre which fosters the enhancement and development of a lively and engaged community of artists and audiences.
As the sole venue in Saskatoon committed to the presentation of contemporary art in all media, AKA's mandate covers a wide range of disciplines, including visual, performance and media arts. AKA prioritizes work that is non-commercial in nature and strives to find a balance in its presentation between a number of contending interests including local and national artists, as well as emerging and more established artists
AKA's mandate is to support and encourage dissemination, development and experimentation in contemporary art.


Current Exhibition:
Daniel Barrow - The Face of Everything

performance : Friday, June 8, 8 pm
artist talk : Saturday, June 9, 2 pm

The Face of Everything, directed, written, animated and performed by Daniel Barrow. Music by Matthew Adam Hart 2002, 45:00 minutes

The Face of Everything is a live animation that tells a story based on the life experiences of some of Liberace's most notorious boyfriends. "Hillbilly" is a poor, dejected teenager, who travels to the big city (mid-1970s Las Vegas) to discover love, vision and identity in a much older, outrageously superficial nightclub entertainer. The symbol of the face as a blank canvas or template is central to this piece and acts as a stage for transformation and meaning.

Previous Exhibitions

Dressware 2 - Ana Rewakowicz
Dressware is long-term, research and development project, inspired by the legacy of Archigram that investigated the relation between cities and new technologies, regarding fun, play and pleasure as their projects rationale.

Handheld Landscape - Tim van Wijk, Toni Hafkenscheid
This exhibition was curated by AKA’s selection jury on the theme of re-visioning the landscape into pocket-sized portions. Hafkenscheid’s photographs, though actual images of real grand-scale landscapes, create the illusion of miniature landscape models, and Van Wijk’s Landscape Generator is a kinetic diorama of an ever-changing landscape.

8th Annual Edible Books Festival
If you enjoy food for thought, eating your own words or want to take a bite out of literature, AKA and The Saskatoon Public Library have prepared something delicious for you!

I Hate Valentines Day Dream Art Lottery!
On February 9th, AKA presented its 3rd annual dream art lottery fundraiser. We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the artists who contributed work and the volunteers and budding art patrons who made the event a smashing success!

Elegy is a memorial to the missing women of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Using video projections and an original score by singer Anthony Favel and cellist Cris Derksen, Elegy is a meditation on the lives of these women and the tragically indifferent response of the Vancouver Police Department. The performance will feature live cello accompaniment by Cris Derksen.

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