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Altes Museum – Staatl. Museen Berlin

The Altes Museum, built between 1823 and 1830 after the design by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, is one of the most important works in the architecture of Classicism. With a lucidly ordered exterior and an interior structure of great precision after the Ancient Greek style, Schinkel pursued Humboldt’s idea of the museum as an educational institution open to the public.

The monumental order of the 18 fluted ionic columns, the wide stretch of the atrium, the rotunda - an explicit reference to the pantheon in Rome - and finally the grand staircase are all architectural elements which, up to this point, were reserved for stately buildings.

Originally built to house all of Berlin’s art collections, the Altes Museum has accommodated the Collection of Classical Antiquities since 1904. Between 1943 and 1945 the building was severely damaged by fire. Reconstruction work continued up until 1966. Since 1998 the Collection of Classical Antiquities has displayed its Greek collection, including the treasury, on the ground floor of the Altes Museum. The Egyptian Museum has, since August 2005, shown its collection on the upper floor where it will remain until it moves to the Neues Museum in 2009.

Permanent Collection

Egyptian Museum

The Ägyptisches Museum (Egyptian Museum) owns one of the world's most important collections of Ancient Egyptian Art. Through its pieces of art especially of the time of King Akhenaton (around 1340 BC) from Tell el Amarna the museum has reached world niveau and renown. Famous works such as the bust of Queen Nefertiti, the portrait of Queen Tiy and the famous "Berlin Green Head" belong to the collection.

The Egyptian Museum and Paypyrus Collection closed its doors at its location in Charlottenburg and returned to the Museum Island in Berlin-Mitte, where it reopened its doors 13 August 2005 in the Altes Museum.

The collection

The impressive collection of the Egyptian Museum includes masterworks belonging to different epochs of ancient Egypt: statues reliefs as well as monumental pieces of Egyptian architecture document the different time periods of ancient Egypt from 4000 BC up to the Roman Period.

In addition to the bust of Queen Nefertiti, whose original colour is preserved without restoration since the Amarna period, other pieces such as the sculptured portraits of the royal family and members of the royal court are also unique. The most significant work of the late period is the so called Berlin "Green Head" named after its greenish stone (ca. 500 BC).

Collection of Classical Antiquities

The Antikensammlung (Collection of Classical Antiquities) contains Greek and Roman works including not only architectural remains, sculptures and vases, inscriptions and mosaics but also bronzes and jewellery. It is on display in two locations: the Pergamon Museum and the main floor of the Altes Museum.

The collection

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* 14 June - 21 October 2007
Pergamonmuseum, Antikensammlung
Greeks – Scythians – Amazons
* 21 June - 31 August 2007
Language – Script – Image. Ways to Our Cultural Memory
* 27 June - 9 September 2007
The abc of Pictures
* 27 July - 28 October 2007
Altes Museum, Antikensammlung
Myth and Power –Relief Images in Precious Stone that Stand Out

Previous Exhibitions

* 15 March - 3 June 2007
Altes Museum, Antikensammlung
Medea’s Gold. New Finds from Georgia
* 17 November 2006 - 25 February 2007
Altes Museum, Antikensammlung
* 29 March - 3 September 2006
Altes Museum
Constantine in Berlin. A Newly Discovered Colossal Head from the Forum of Trajan in Rom
* 9 March 2006 - 15 April 2007
Pergamonmuseum, Antikensammlung
Die Götter beschenken - Antike Weihegaben
* 22 September 2005 - 1 January 2006
Pergamonmuseum, Antikensammlung
Die letzten Stunden von Herculaneum
* 3 August - 30 October 2005
Altes Museum, Antikensammlung
1830 – The Ancient World in the Altes Museum – 2005


Single ticket 8,00 Euro
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Free admission for the permanent exhibitions for children and teenager under the age of 16

3-Day-Ticket Museums of Berlin
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- special exhibitions may obtain different admission

Annual Ticket
40,00 Euro, discounted admission 20,00 Euro (not including special exhibitions)
The Annual Pass is bound to one person and not transferable. General terms and conditions are valid for the Annual Pass.

Annual Plus Ticket
80,00 Euro, discounted admission 40,00 Euro
The Annual Pass PLUS is valid only for permanent and special exhibitions which are hosted by the National Museums in Berlin. For cooperations with third parties special conditions are valid which are announced on occasion. The Annual Pass PLUS is bound to one person and not transferable. General terms and conditions are valid for the Annual Ticket PLUS

Tickets and Annual Passes can be purchased at every ticket counter of the National Museums. For mail-order write to:
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Opening hours

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Getting there

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Bus TXL (Staatsoper); 100, 200 (Lustgarten); 147 (Friedrichstraße)

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Wheelchair Access available via the Service Entrance

Plaster models of antique art are on display in the Replica Collection in Berlin-Charlottenburg. In the nearby Gipsformerei (Replica Workshop) replicas are available for purchase.

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News and events

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From May to September, the MuseumIslandFestival, with its programme of open air cinema, gigs and concerts, theatre and readings, offers daily cultural experience of a special kind: where during the day world-famous art treasures lure visitors into the museums, during the night the "genius loci


Collection of Classical Antiquities

An audio guide explaining the highlights of the exhibition is available. The guide, produced by Antenna Audio, offers users the choice between a guided tour and individually accessed commentary on single works. The audio samples on this page give a first insight into the audio guide, inviting you to come and visit the collection.

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Guided Tours / Group bookings
School classes and groups will be allocated a guide after telephone booking:
Telephone: +49-(0)30- 266-3666
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To book group visits without guides or groups bringing their own guides please click



To include museums in school teaching has always been an aim of Museum Education. Therefore, a large number of thematic guided tours for school groups are on offer in the different museums. A series of teacher training programmes on specific subjects (published in the programmes of the "Berliner Instituts für Lehrerfort- und weiterbildung und Schulentwicklung", the Berlin teacher training institute) highlight the respective thematic references to the framework plan.

Our mediation work places special emphasis on overcoming school children’s inhibitions regarding the museum. We want them to find joy and fun in the act of looking at and discovering original works of art, and to get to know the museum as a place of original documents of history, culture and art. A variety of educational material and method-rich pedagogic mediation are designed to make guided tours varied and rich in experience so that school children actually enjoy coming to the museum.

The aims of educational mediation work are, above all, to inspire joy in learning through discovery and play, to advance powers of observation, to stimulate children and young adults and to motivate them to look into a given specific subject, to animate their imagination, to involve them with all their senses, to enable them to learn how to move about a museum independently and collect information.

For information on the wide range of guided tours on offer for school groups please call the following number:

Booking Tours
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Children / Families

The Visitor Services of the National Museums in Berlin offer a large number of regular and special events for children. These are listed here in overview. For exact dates, if not mentioned, please see the Event Calendar. For further information on the subject matter of events please telephone Beate Mertens at +49-(0)30-2662147.

Guided tours and events for children and families are listed in a separate category in the calendar (Events, only in german available). Once you have chosen the kind of event you are interested in, you can find it in the Family Programme either by looking up a specific day, or a certain period in an individual museum, or the area of your interest.


Children’s Gallery

The Children’s Gallery, since 1974 located in the Bode Museum on the Museum Island, is currently being completely re-designed as part of the current restoration of the building. After the completion of the building work in the year 2006, the Museum Services of the National Museums in Berlin will once more offer exhibitions and educational activities for children and young people in the gallery.

Making use of a variety of media, the didactically conceived exhibitions familiarise their young visitors with original art works from the National Museums’ collections and introduce topics of the history of art and culture in experimental, sensuous and informative fashion. Combined with self-made craft and art work such as painting, pottery, collage and carving, the gallery is a place where - over and above the merely visual perception - art is experienced with all senses.


Rathgen-Forschungslabor (Rathgen Research Laboratory)

The Rathgen-Forschungslabor (Rathgen Research Laboratory) of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (National Museums in Berlin) is an institute of natural science which deals with the analysis of materials and the preservation of objects of cultural history. The aim of the examinations carried out is the identification of material, age, provenance and authenticity of objects as well as consultation in matters of restoration and conservation of works of art. The Laboratory was founded in 1888 as the Chemical Laboratory of the Royal Museums in Berlin.

The work of the Rathgen-Forschungslabor concentrates on:
- metal analyses in archaeological, art historical and ethnological objects,
- compilation of a database of analyses of cultural historical metal objects, together with an archive on the history of metal technology,
- tests on archaeological ceramics, pigment analyses
- determination of age of ceramic objects following the thermoluminescence technique, pigment examination in historical textiles,
- consultation in the restoration of historical buildings and metal monuments,
- examinations into the preservation of cultural historical wooden objects,
- compilation of an archive of fakes and forgeries

For these analyses, the laboratory has at its disposal modern machinery and technology such as light and grid electron microscopes, X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Atom Absorption Analysis, Emission Spectral Analysis, X-ray Diffractometry, Pyrolysis-Gas-Chromatography, FT-Infrared Spectroscopy, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and thermoluminescence equipment.

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