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Apothicairerie De L'Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte

The Apothicary of Hotel-Dieu-le-Comte, on the site of the Hotel-Dieu, founded in the the twelth century by the count of Champagne, Henri I le Libéral, has been preserved since its installation at the beginning of the eighteenth century.

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Permanent Collection

It houses a remarkable collection of 319 wooden medicine boxes, a collection which was classified by the Monuments Historiques in 1958. Each box is labelled and illustrated, and contains a vegetable, animal or mineral-based product. Each accompanying illustration comes from “’Histoire des Drogues”, published in 1695 by the Parisian apothecary Pierre Pomet and well reputed at the time.

Sage, thyme, and camomile are among the products, as well as powdered human skull and precious stones. An array of porcelain containers retraces the history of the pharmacy pot, from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, as well as a range of other typical recipients to be found in an apothecary.


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Previous Exhibitions

LES REMEDES AU TEMPS DE MOLIERE (Remedies at the time of Moliere) :
A Panormana of « official » medecine at the end of the 17th century

In parallel with its permanent collection, the apothecary presents a series of engravings from the “’Histoire des Drogues”, by Pierre Pomet, published in 1695, which inspired the illustrations on the apothecary’s medicine boxes. This iconic group of drawings will allow the visitor to place the apothecary in its historic context, wedges between the beliefs of the late middle ages, and the innovations to come with modern medicine.


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