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Association Of Finnish Sculptors

The Association of Finnish Sculptors is a national union of professional sculptors founded in 1910.

The aim of the Association is to promote Finnish sculpture, safeguard the professional, economical and social interests of the sculptors, encourage sculptors' international co-operation and raise the public's interest in sculpture. A sculptor who has proved his professionalism can be accepted as a member of the union. Virtually every professional sculptor is a member.

The Association of Finnish Sculptors arranges exhibitions on Finnish
Sculpture in Finland and abroad, publishes various publications on sculpture, provides services and help for those in the process of purchasing or commissioning a work of art, coordinates and monitors sculpture competitions in Finland, informs the public of recent developments in sculpture and promotes international contacts between sculptors.

Exhibitions change at regular intervals in the union gallery, Gallery Sculptor. In connection with the gallery there is a comprehensive sales collection, which gives a good overall view of Finnish contemporary sculpture.


Exhibitions are administrated by the Association of Finnish Sculptors, mainly presenting Finnish art of sculpture, but also arranging exhibitions of works by foreign sculptors or even by artists in other lines of art. The Exhibition Committee elected by the General Meeting and making the decision on the annual exhibition program also acts as Board of the gallery.

Please see for details of upcoming exhibitions.

Previous Exhibitions

Tony Cragg


British sculptor Tony Cragg is among the most famous and admired artists of his generation, and an example to many contemporary Finnish sculptors.
Cragg was born in Liverpool in 1949, studied in Britain (e.g. the Royal College of Art, London), and has lived and worked for almost half his life in Wuppertal, Germany.
Cragg had his first solo exhibition in 1977. Since then his works have been seen in dozens if not hundreds of solo and group exhibitions in Europe and the US. His work includes some twenty public sculptures. In 1988 Cragg received the Turner Prize from the Tate Gallery in London.
Cragg’s art is characterised by an experimental and bound-breaking approach towards material and the whole expression of sculpture. He has used e.g. stone, wood, bronze, glass fibre, and steel. His great insight into the nature of different materials always shapes the final form of his works. Different materials in themselves create different experiences, for the artist as well as the viewer. Cragg says that ideally a sculpture is born from a dialogue between the artist and material. He does not attempt to convey a premeditated message but presents reality by means of the material. For him sculpture is a way of perceiving and explaining the world around us, and experimenting with new ways of seeing and understanding. Art for him is a process and a journey, where the new is constructed on what already exists.

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News and events

Transplant / Heart
Sixteen artists from the European Cultural Cities of 2000: Avignon, Bergen, Brussels, Bologna, Krakow, Helsinki, Prague, Reykjavik and Santiago de Compostela, produce collaborative sculpture for public spaces.

The participating artists have worked together in a preceding project, Transplant, which is an experiment in a new kind of production orientated long-term cultural exchange, where the Internet acts as a window for the public to see the creative process behind the completed artworks.

The projects are aimed to establish channels for long-term cooperation between the participating artists, organizations and cities. The starting point for the artistic work is the urban environment: the people, history, nature, architecture, structures and virtual spaces of the city.