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Carl Eldh Studio Museum

Carl Eldh (1873-1954) was one of Sweden's most prominent sculptors during the first half of the 20th century. The studio in which he worked and lived for more than three decades is now preserved as a museum.

This unusual wooden building was designed in 1919 by the architect Ragnar Ă–stberg, who also designed the Stockholm City Hall and other buildings of note, and it contains several hundred sculptures by Carl Eldh. There are statuettes from the artist's years as a student of art in Paris, there are busts, preliminary sketches and original models of well known sculptures such as Youth, The Olympic Runners, The Titan and The Branting Monument, all kept as when Eldh himself lived there. This well-preserved setting has few counterparts in Europe and therefore provides interesting insight into the sculpturing profession's particular demands and a prominent artist's life.

The studio is situated in idyllic Bellevue Park which borders to Vasastan, a densely built-up area of Stockholm. The sheltering environment on Bellevue Hill and its panoramic view of Brunnsviken and Haga were important factors in Carl Eldh's decision to locate his studio on this spot. Here Eldh was able to benefit from the northern light which is so important to a sculptor. The garden belonging to the studio made it possible for him to work in the open air. Even today, the surroundings in and around Eldh's studio are filled with the light and calm that once led the artist to settle here.

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Permanent Collection

The Carl Eldh Studio Museum collection consists mainly of sketches and models of Carl Eldh's art works. It houses over 1000 sketches and original models in plaster, and also sculptures in clay, marble and bronze. About half of these are exhibited in the well-preserved studio, as Eldh once left them. Portraits of politicians, royals, and celebrities from the world of culture, gaze down at the visitor from the shelves, and beside these are statuettes and nude studies. Original models of well-known statues, monuments and sculpture groups are placed close together on modelling stands and pedestals in both studio rooms. The many sculptures share the space together with the artist's tools, drawings, medals, and furniture. The museum also contains his private art collection with works from both well-known and less famous artist friends.


Admission charge includes a guided tour of the museum.

Adults SEK 50
Students SEK 25
Under 18s SEK 25
Children under 7 free

Opening hours

The Carl Eldh Studio Museum is closed due to road works taking place near the museum.

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In normal circumstances Carl Eldh Studio Museum is open Sundays in April and October, Saturdays and Sundays in May and September, and Tuesdays to Sundays in June, July and August. There are then public guided tours in Swedish at 12.00, 13.00, 14.00 and 15.00, and in English at 13.30. Outside these times, the museum is open by appointment only.

Getting there

The nearest subway station is Odenplan (the green line). From there, it takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the museum by foot.

Bus 2 goes from Odenplan to Sveaplan, bus 40 goes from Odenplan to Johannes skola, and bus 53 goes from Odenplan to Roslagstull. Bus 59 goes from Centralstationen to Wenner-Gren Center. A short walk (5 minutes) takes you from the bus stops to the museum,
through Bellevueparken.

If you come by car you enter Bellevueparken from the roundabout at Roslagstull, and drive up the tree-lined Bellevuevägen. This road changes into Lögebodavägen. Follow the signs to the museum. The museum is situated at Lögebodavägen 10, at the brow of the hill, facing Brunnsviken.

There are parking spaces directly outside of the museum. Additional parking at the Wenner-Gren Center, enter at Sveaplan.


The shop offers a selection of plaster statuettes, postcards, posters, books, magnets, matches, and other items. The merchandise is inspired by the artworks displayed in the museum. The shop has the same opening times as the museum. Shopping outside opening times can be arranged on appointment.

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Educational tours can be arranged. For further information please contact the museum.


Discounts on admission of 20% are available to groups of 10 people or more.

School groups, companies and private groups are welcome to pre-book tours throughout the whole year. A pre-booked tour lasts approximately 60 minutes and offers a fascinating insight into Carl Eldh's life and the sculpturing profession's particular demands at the beginning of the 20th century. Appointments can be made for up to 35 people per tour.