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Casa Museo Quinta De Bolívar

Simón Bolívar lived in his Quinta about 423 days. It was the most extended stay in a place that El Libertador had ever made as an adult, although he did not stay here continuously.

The building has a historic value and also an exceptional architectonic value being the last country house among those in the colonial city of Santafé. Its history begins in 1670, when the bachelor Pedro de Solís y Valenzuela gave to the hermitage of Monserrate 100 Castilian yards of land that were in a place called La Toma de la Aduana (Well of the Customs). In 1800, Monserrate’s chaplain, José Torres Patiño, sold the property for $120 to the principal accountant of the Renta de Tabaco de Santafé, gentleman José Antonio Portocarrero. The new owner built a country house for the viceroy Antonio Amar y Borbón on his wife’s birthday, Mrs. Francisca Villanova.

Out of the friendship that José Antonio Portocarrero ad with the viceroy, or the admiration that he had for the viceroy's wife, he painted an emblem of an allegory of Cupid in the dining room of his Quinta with the following inscription: "Loving is my delight", words that some years later had to be changed to "Bolívar is the god of Colombia."

In 1810, ten years after acquiring the Quinta's territory, the owner died and his daughter, Tadea Portocarrero de García del Castillo, inherited it. Her husband had to emigrate due to events on July 20th 1810 (the final battle of independence). For this reason, and because their children were still under age, the property was largely abandoned. The Portocarrero’s were the owners until June 16th 1820 when the government bought the property to ... [ Read all ]

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Permanent Collection

The collection was started in 1919 with a donation of $20,000 pesos from the government towards the purchase of the house and objects for the collection. In 1922 the cannons of independence were added to the collection along with some personal objects belonging to the Liberator such as decorative pieces and furniture from the San Carlos Palace. Portraits, writing materials and clothing were later added from the Museo Nacional.

These are the basis for the permanent collection which has gradually been added to over time.


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