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Centre D'Art Contemporain De Delme

The centre d’art contemporain de Delme has the particularity of being located in an old synagogue, built at the end of the nineteenth century in an oriental style, partly destoyed during the second world war and later rebuilt in a more austere manner.

Since 1993, the centre places art and artists at the heart of its activities, privileging the production of works : artists are invited to develop pieces especially for the Synagogue. Beyond the invitation to exhibit, there exists the development of research, in which the artist confronts his practice within this unique location. Thus, since 1993, several artists have gradually constructed the identity of the space

Daniel Buren, Muntadas, Ann-Veronica Janssens, Marthe Wéry, Jean-Marc Bustamante, François Morellet, Tadashi Kawamata, Simone Decker, Stéphane Dafflon, Delphine Coindet, Dan Walsh, Jugnet and Clairet, Jeppe Hein, Peter Downsbrough are among the artists involved.

Throughout its dynamic history, which has seen its transition from cultural functionality to artistic space, the Synagogue has been, since its opening, an open and collective space. It is fortunately located at a European crossroads, three hours from Bale, Paris, Brussels and Cologne, near to the borders with Germany and Luxembourg, and near to urban centres such as Metz, Nancy, Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Sarrebruck.

Despite its modest dimensions and rural location, the Synagogue de Delme has been able to position itself as an artistic laboratory, fully engaged with artists and the public it welcomes.


The art centre has the pleasure of inviting Peter Downsbrough to intervene with the space. The work of this american artist offers a reflection on the visible through a perception of the environment which is both physical and mental. Since the beginning of the 1970s, Downsbrough, who trained as an architect, has developed numerous practives including sculture, photography, film, sonic art and public art, in his exploration of the language of constructed space.
Using simple geometric figures, black adhesive lettering, painted surfaces and metal tubes, the artist structures the space to create multiple readings : linguistic and geometric.

Previous Exhibitions

All we ever wanted was everything Bueno-Boutellier - O'Neill - Grünfeld - Weber - Gastaldon 29/10/2006 - 28/01/2007

This exhibition is in some way... Jeppe Hein 01/07/2006 - 17/09/2006

DEINDE PHILOSOPHARI Paul Cox 19/03/2006 - 04/06/2006

Toby Paterson 01/10/2005 - 12/02/2006

Côte à Côte Clairet - Jugnet 18/06/2005 - 04/09/2005

General Dynamics Decrauzat - Szarek - Raguénès 12/03/2005 - 22/05/2005
01/10/2004 - 10/02/2005

Amps and Ohms Pae White 13/06/2004 - 26/09/2004

Nisunen - Grönlund 28/02/2004 - 16/05/2004

Dan Walsh 26/10/2003 - 01/02/2004

Unheimlich Blair - Dinahet - Berdaguer - Péjus - Albenda - Joumard - Marcel 28/06/2003 - 28/09/2003

New Barroco Delphine Coindet 02/03/2003 - 11/05/2003

Silent Gliss Stéphane Dafflon 19/10/2002 - 19/01/2003

Surfaces de projections Janssens - Chang - Gonzales Torres - Graham - Jacob - Kosuth - Zaugg 29/06/2002 - 29/09/2002

Sculpture de fumée Ann Veronica Janssens 13/10/2001 - 09/12/2001

Vidéodrones Céleste Boursier-Mougenot 07/07/2001 - 09/09/2001

Rites de deuil Iris Sara Schiller 23/09/2000 - 03/12/2000

Burkhard - Borgeaud 17/06/2000 - 03/09/2000

Une musique des sphères et des ogres... Stéphane Calais 25/03/2000 - 28/05/2000

Pièces à conviction Collection Hervé Bize 06/02/2000 - 12/03/2000

Voyage/Reise Antoni Muntadas 19/06/1999 - 26/09/1999

Etude / Essai Horst Münch 11/04/1999 - 06/06/1999

White Noise Simone Decker 14/02/1999 - 27/03/1999

Les chaises de traverse Tadashi Kawamata 28/06/1998 - 31/10/1998

Glissements de la lumière sur la couleur... Daniel Bure...+ [ Read all ]

Forthcoming exhibitions

Summer's song...
Marc Camille Chaimowicz
from 08/07/2007 to 28/10/2007

Opening hours

Open during periods of exhibition, from Wednesday to Saturday from 2pm to 6pm, and Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

Getting there

Delme is located half an hour from Nancy and Metz, 45 minutes from Luxembourg and Sarrebruck, 90 minutes from Strasbourg, and 3.5 hours from Paris and Brussels.

From Nancy, take the direction Château Salins, and then the D955 in the direction of Metz.

From Metz, take the D955.

The studio-residency is located at
Rue des Cigognes
Lindre Basse

Lindre Basse is located at the heart of the Parc Naturel régional de Lorraine, 2km from the town of Dieuze, in the department of Moselle.

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One of the objectives of the art centre is to provide education and activites for its young public. Working in collaboration with teachers, the centre has developed a dynamic program.

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Groups can make a reservation by contacting +33 (0) 3 87 01 43 42 or
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