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Centre De Création Contemporaine

The CCC (Centre de Création Contemporaine) is among the first of the provincial art centres. Before its opening in 1985, five years of intense artistic activity in Tours had occurred, including the organisation of a Biennale.

Since its opening, the CCC has produced close to 80 exhibitions, as a result of various projects with 300 artists. Many of these artists are at the forefront of the international artistic scene today. The CCC has always privileged monographic exhibitions, which engage long-term relationships with the artists. Several pieces have been produced uniquely for these occasions.

This engagement with artists is manifested not only in the exhibition itself but in the events and production surrounding it: publications, conferences, film production, urban projects and public art, resulting in a more dynamic artistic program.

The CCC works with the Art History students of the Université Francois Rabelais de Tours, enabling them to conceive and realise an exhibition each year, in professional conditions.

The CCC benefits from the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Conseil regional du Centre, the Conseil Général d’Indre-et-Loire and the town of Tours.


17 March – 10 June 2007
The CCC presents the first exhibition of French artist Nicole Tran Ba Vang, bringing together several modes of work since 1997, in the media of photography, painting, video and installation. The artist has produced a new series of photographs for the occasion, COLLECTION AUTOMNE / HIVER 2007/08, inspired by her background in fashion and taking herself and her environment as primary subject.

Previous Exhibitions

Since its opening, the CCC (Centre de Création Contemporaine) has produced nearly 80 exhibitions, mainly monographic, among which one can cite those of Roman Opalka (1986 and 2004), Panamarenko (1988), Erik Dietman (1990), and more recently, Chen Zhen (2002), Klaus Rink (2003) and Orlan (2004). For the occasion of the CCC’s 25th anniversary in 2005, a unique work by Daniel Buren was produced.

Initiated in 2005, La sirene du Mississippi is a collaborative artistic program, coordinated by the CCC. The Mississippi serves as a metaphor for the Loire, the river which runs through the region. Each year, a chosen artist is invited to image and create new artistic fiction surrounding the image of the river.
2005: Fabien Verschaere
2006: Marie Denis
2007: Davide Balula

Forthcoming exhibitions

30 June - 28 October
Irish artist Malachi Farrell presents, through mechanised and audio sculptures, a world subjected to standardisation and repetition, and approaches questions on society with humour. This exhibition at the CCC focuses on the theme of war and military engagement.

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