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Centre For Art Tapes

The Centre for Art Tapes is a not for profit artist-run, charitable, organization that facilitates and supports artists at all levels working with electronic media including video, audio, and new media. We provide services to a diverse membership, and the general public, that include production facilities, ongoing exhibitions and screenings, as well as programs that offer thorough training and residency opportunities to individuals who are critically engaged with cultural and social issues. The Centre is a creative environment for individuals as well as groups to pursue independent work at the highest levels of artistic practice. The Centre is designed to provide artists with access to a broad range of production facilities and foster training and mentoring programs for members of the community.
The Centre has not had an in-house exhibition space since 1992. Instead, we have initiated the creative activity of finding the “perfect


The Centre stimulates the production, research and presentation of new works through three areas: Annual Programs, Exhibitions, and Production Resources. There are five established Annual Programs: The Local Artist-in-Residence Program, The Visiting Artist’s Program, The Media Arts Scholarship Program, The New Media and Electronics Lab, and The Video to Go Program. There is an on-going commitment to Exhibitions and Presentations developed through our Annual Programming Grant that consists of approximately twenty presentations, exhibitions and guest curatorial projects per year; and the Centre preserves work in our archive and showcases productions through the MediaTrain. By focusing our energy around these eight areas of activity we support a wide range of media artists who work in different genres.

Previous Exhibitions

The Centre for Art Tapes has a searchable archive of work which can be accessed here: http://www.centreforarttapes.ca/archives.aspx

Forthcoming exhibitions

Electronics for Artists Workshops!
Saturday, June 02, 2007 12:00 PM - Saturday, June 23, 2007 5:00 PM

Intermediate Electronics: Motors
June 2nd & June 9th, 12PM - 5PM
Cost: $92 for members

This two day workshop will be an introduction to motors, including AC, DC and stepper motors; and motor control, including pulse-width modulation.
Participants will have the opportunity to build a circuit that turns on a motor for a predetermined amount of time, a circuit that controls the speed of a motor, and a circuit that controls the direction of a motor.
Intermediate Electronics: Sensors
June 16th & June 23rd, 12PM - 5PM
Cost: $92 for members
This two day workshop will be an introduction to touch, motion, sound and light sensors.
Participants will have the opportunity to build circuits that will allow audio, video, lights, motors and other loads to be altered or activated by touch, movement, sound or light.

Opening hours

Tues 9:30am - 6pm
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Thurs 9:30am - 8pm
Fri 9:30am - 6pm

Sat/Sun/Mon Closed

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The Centre for Art Tapes offers a fantastic range of classes and workshops including: Basic Video Production, Digital Editing with Avid DV Xpress Pro, Digital Image Making and Intro to Protools Non-Linear Audio Editing.

Please see the website for up to date listings http://www.centreforarttapes.ca/workshops.aspx


Media Arts Scholarships
Scholarships are awarded annually for first-time video, audio, or new media artists. Successful applicants are determined by a rotating peer selection committee. This award covers the basic costs of training and equipment rental, and provides mentorship, an honorarium upon completion and a premier event for the completed piece.

Local Artist in Residence
Four times a year, a local Media Artist is selected to spend 3-4 weeks at the Centre for Art Tapes to produce and present their work, to teach workshops and to meet with the local community. Deadline for submissions every June 1st.

Visiting Artist in Residence
Once a year, an established Canadian Media Artist is selected to spend 3-4 weeks at the Centre for Art Tapes to produce and present their work, to teach workshops and to meet with the local community. Ongoing call for subimissions.

Collaborative Projects & Curatorial Initiatives
Artists and community groups are encouraged to propose and develop projects with the programming commitee. CFAT has co-produced events with CKDU-FM, eyelevelgallery, the Khyber, MiÕkmaq Friendship Centre, Leave Out Violence, Moving Images Groups, Dalhousie University Art Gallery, Saint MaryÕs University Art Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery, Nova Scotia College of Art and Designand many others.

Video To Go
Video To Go is the Centre For Art TapesÕ mechanism for providing support to underserved groups in the broader community who wish to make media art. The successes of these initial partnerships for the Video To Go projects have created a launching pad for continued partnership activity with community groups. Ongoing submission deadli...+ [ Read all ]