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Centre National De L'audiovisuel (CNA)

Created in 1989, the National Audiovisual Centre in Luxembourg safeguards and promotes the country’s audiovisual heritage. Its aims are to initiate the public to the wealth of material it contains through cultural and educative programs, as well as to promote the country’s achievements to the rest of the world.
It houses a rich library and media centre, a gallery and a cinema.

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Permanent Collection

The CNA’s film collection contains over 30,000 films and 10,000 videos, including long and short pieces, fiction and documentary, produced as early as 1899 to the present.
See: http://www.cna.public.lu/1_FILM/index.html

The CNA has the right to produce thousands of sonic and musical documents, for radio or other purposes, thanks to the law change of 1999, which stipulated the importance of diffusion of these pieces in order to put them to their full use and value.
See: http://www.cna.public.lu/3_AUDIO/index.html

The photography collection contains pieces acquired through donations and acquisitions, and a total over 400,000 documents, ranging from early twentieth century amateur shots to contemporary art pieces. The collection is a significant representation of the evolution of photographic technology and artistic tendencies, while also reflecting the social and historical developments taking place in Luxembourg.
See: http://www.cna.public.lu/2_PHOTO/index.html

Previous Exhibitions

Mois européeen de la Photographie 2006:
Les archives photographiques du CNA invitent... Bertien van Manen : Give Me Your Image
10 October - 3 November 2006

For a full list please see, http://www.cna.public.lu/2_PHOTO/2_2_Expositions_Manifestations_actuellement/ind

Exhibitions (8)

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Forthcoming exhibitions

Images cachées - Hidden Images (by Yves Dorme and the CNA)
7 December 2007 - 29 February 2008

Jacob Holdt, Amerikabilder 1970-1975
20 March - 15 June 2008


From 2008 on the CNA will be open to investigators, students and general public in the mediums photography, film and sound.

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Theater-Workshop for kids on 28 and 29 July 2007 in connection with the exhibition DE L'EUROPE