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Centro Cultural Borges

The Centro Cultural Borges traces its beginnings to the year 2004 when it was a single exhibition in what is now room 9 of the CCB. At present, it hosts a wide array of activities that far exceed the original exhibition room, both within and outside the centre.

The centre works with artists who have a demonstrated awareness and a reflective view of art and life today. One of its fundamental objectives is to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of ideas between these artists.

There are approximately 10 annual exhibitions in which artists develop their projects keeping in mind the different characteristics of the space in which they will present their work. The exhibition space on the ground floor of the CCB is ideal for allowing a flow of energy between the Galerias Pacifico and the Florida pedestrian walk.

The centre produces a catalogue for each exhibition it hosts; this provides a very effective way for artists to keep a portfolio of their professional work. Currently, the centre is in the process of designing a digital archive with images that will be used for public information and promotion purposes.

The centre is also currently developing a project conjointly with the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte (IUNA) to coordinate different presentations in which artists will present their work, discuss their backgrounds and experiences and participate in open dialogue with students.

In 2006, the CCB founded an exchange programme with Universidad de Antioquia in Medellín in which a group of artists presented their work in an exhibition at the University Museum and the Fine Arts College.
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Permanent Collection

The CCB maintains an extended network of local and foreign artists, both well-known and upcoming. The centre also works with other cultural institutions, museums, art centres, universities, private collectors and curators from Argentina and abroad.

The centre has previously hosted exhibitions of well-known international artists including Miró, Matisse, Matta, Toulouse Lautrec, De Chirico, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Torres García, Man Ray, Capa and Doisneau. It has also exhibited the art of renowned local artists such as Macció, Berni, Lozza, Tomasello, Libero Badii, Alberto Greco, Marta Minujín and Antonio Seguí. Among younger artists the centre has displayed the work of Ballesteros, Marino de Caro, Kacero, Leonel Luna, Karina Peisajovich and Mónica Van Asperen.

This space is dedicated exclusively to Jorge Luis Borges. The exhibition, made up of photographs, texts, drawings, and Borges’ own poems, uncovers essential aspects of his life and work. The exhibition is directed towards a general public interested in learning more about one of the most important Argentine writers. The exhibition is structured around six major themes that correspond to the different periods of his life: ancestry, birth and childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle-age and final years of his life.

This section of the exhibition displays various military and literary pieces that Borges inherited from his ancestors.

The relationship that Borges had with the Palermo neighbourhood began in his childhood. This neighbourhood, where he grew up, became a dominant theme in his works. Borges, through his work, created an urban mythology in ...+ [ Read all ]


Joan Miró. La magia de Miró
19th December 2007 to 15th March 2008

Muestra Colectiva. Bares de Buenos Aires
24th January to 17th February 2008

Linton Emilio de la Precilla. Tocar el cielo con las manos
10th January to 3rd February 2008

Muestra Colectiva. Blanco
10th January to 3rd February 2008

Miradas a mi alrededor. Imágenes de la Argentina
10th January to 27th January 2008

Héctor Fontán. Rigoberta Menchú y el imaginario latinoamericano
6th December 2007 to 20th January 2008

Teresa Lascan. Tramas urbanas
20th December 2007 to 20th January 2008

Jazmín López. Lo que pasa en la Tierra
20th December 2007 to 20th January 2008

Previous Exhibitions

Nicolás Pallavicini. Anatomía del paisaje
13th December 2007 to 13th January 2008

José Ignacio Pfaffen. Fresco y Dulce
13th December 2007 to 6th January 2008

Premio Nacional de Pintura
6th December 2007 to 6th January 2008

Homenaje al Maestro Osvaldo Svanascini
6th December 2007 to 6th January 2008

Haydée Natali. Tierra de abrazos
6th December 2007 to 2nd January 2008

Gabriela Maltz. Jardín privado
6th December 2007 to 2nd January 2008

Nico Alligator. Soldando ideas
From 19th December 2007

Taller de Diego Perrota. ¿Llevo patas de rana?
From 13th December 2007

Exhibitions (17)

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General: $6.00
Students and pensioners $3.00

Opening hours

Mondays to Saturdays 10.00 to 21.00
Sundays 12:00 to 21.00

Getting there

Viamonte esq. San Martín
C1053ABK Buenos Aires

Tel: (+54) 11 5555 5359
E-mail: info@ccborges.org.ar

The CCB is located in the heart of Buenos Aires, a short distance from the leading international hotels.


In the CCB Store you can find exhibition catalogues, posters, prints, photographs and numerous other items.

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News and events

The centre regularly holds literature courses, conferences, book presentations and a special section devoted to the promotion of science.

Each month the centre offers a wide range of workshops in multiple forms of artistic expression which include, among others, singing, theatre, stage dancing, photography, afro dance, flamenco, stretching and contemporary dance.
Certificates of attendance are given to all participants.


Since 1996 the centre’s Educational Programme has offered personalised attention to children, teens, and adults, to promote the understanding of art.
There are several programmes available:

The visits are developed for all school levels. They allow students to participate and talk about the concepts addressed. It also includes an assignment in which students can express their own ideas and feelings.

- tertiary level / university students
- adults

- Art in the afternoon


The centre’s educational programme includes activities for school groups adapted for all educational levels. The guided visit also includes a workshop or practical work, which allow students to bring together concepts addressed during the visit and develop their own thoughts and feelings about them.
Thursdays to Mondays 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00


These activities allow children to discover the magic of Miró through his drawings and sketches. There are also guided visits and creative workshops for all the family.
Thursdays and Saturdays 17:00
20th December 2007 to February 2008
Cost: $6 (children), $12 (adults), $30 (families)

For more information please contact activity coordinators Florencia Ferreiro and Valeria Traversa progedu@ccborges.org.ar

Venue hire

There is a main auditorium (2000 square meters) that can be divided into 4 areas.

In addition, there are 5 rooms available for art exhibitions or commercial presentations, each between 165 square meters and 800 square meters in size.
The main auditorium has the capacity for 342 people and audio visual equipment.
It has 260 seats on the ground level and 82 mid-level seats. The stage is 5 metres high, with a width of 7 metres.

The Borges Cultural Centre is structured according to a new organisational concept that aims to maximise efficiency and effectiveness, and offers a unique venue for cultural, academic, and corporate events.