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Centro De Arte Y Naturaleza (CDAN)

The aim of the Beulas Foundation is to make the Centro de Arte y Naturaleza (CDAN) a key centre on itineraries concerned with the study of contemporary art, and to create a territory for art that is capable of generating an image of modern-day Huesca and drawing international attention for its specialised approach to fundamental themes related to art and nature.

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Permanent Collection

The Art and Nature project, for which the province of Huesca provides the territorial framework, involves a series of actions aimed at studying and strengthening links between art and nature. The main focus of the project is on creating works of art in selected non-urban settings in Huesca. The project draws on experiences within the context of land art, public art and other diverse approaches that have used nature or the territory as a pretext for artistic creation.

Richard Long’s art falls within the land art tradition. Since the middle of the 1960s, he has integrated and updated the English landscape culture of the 18th century through his love of walks and solitary excursions in the countryside.
One of the first works of this artist, a classmate of Jan Dibbets, Gilbert & George and Barry Flanagan at St Martin’s School of Art in London, was A Line Made by Walking (1967). This early work established what was to become an identifying feature of his work: an intimate relationship with nature at the human scale based on individual interventions. Long won the Turner Prize in 1989.

Ulrich RĂĽckriem has been working as an independent sculptor since the 1960s. His artistic journey began in a quarry, where he learned about all the processes for transforming stone and about his own reactions to different interventions. This knowledge laid the foundation for his work, and is reflected in the stelae that are so characteristic of his oeuvre. His work has been presented mainly in Europe, and one of the high points of his career was his participation in the 1978 edition of the Venice Biennial as a representative of the Federa...+ [ Read all ]


21st June to 15th July 2007
This installation by the Iranian artist began in 2004 in reaction to the treatment of civil society during the Iraq war. In the work Armajani brings together iconographic symbols from Picasso’s Guernica which, although formally very different from her piece, has been compared from a conceptual point of view as a portrait of war and its indiscriminate cruelty against civil society.


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Forthcoming exhibitions

October 2007 to January 2008
Per Kirkeby is a Danish painter, filmmaker and writer. Kirkeby has been invited to construct to work in the landscape of Huesca. The process of selecting a site is currently underway, and the artist will visit Huesca in the near future. This exhibition will present Kirkeby’s landscape project and examine his artistic production.

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Group visits can be arranged and scheduled to suit each group.

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The facilities of the Beulas Foundation’s Centro de Arte y Naturaleza are intended to provide a channel for participation, serve as a social and cultural reference point for the population of Huesca, and actively bring contemporary art to a wider audience.
Third parties may be authorised to carry out activities at the centre’s facilities on a case-by-case basis, provided that the proposed activities are compatible with the foundation’s goals, help communicate an appropriate image of the centre, and generate additional revenue for the pursuit of the foundation’s goals.
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