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Chapelle Jeanne D’Arc, Centre D’art De La Ville De Thouars

Situated close to the Val de Loire, 300km south west of Paris, the Chapelle Jeanne d’Arc is an art centre whose programme bases itself on an active dialogue between the artists and the building which welcomes them.

An 1880s neo-gothic edigice, the Chapelle Jeanne d’Arc is anything but a neutral space. It is composed of two exhibition spaces : a vaste stone body lit by luminous stained glass windows, and an intimate crypt space, with white walls.

The space has naturally dictated the exhibition program, making this a real exploration of space and form. A dialogue must exist between the work displayed and the architectural structure, and each year, artists create work specifically for the space.
Felice Varini, Michel Verjux, Georg Ettl, Laurent Saksik, Krijn de Koning, Delphine Coindet, Kees Visser are some of the artists who have worked with the space in previous years.


Three exhibitions are presented each years, two of which are commanded by the centre d'art de la Ville de Thouars.

Please visit for details of exhibitions and artists.

10 February - 25 March: Nelly Maurel (drawings, texts, songs, pictograms)

23 June – 14 October. Vincent Lamouroux, original creation for the Chapel

17 November – 31 December : Pierre Savatier « Figure imposée 6 », photograms

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Open daily, except Monday, from 10.30am-12.30pm / 2.30pm-6.30pm
November / December open from 2pm-6pm