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Chateau De Nyon

The Chateau de Nyon served as a residence for the counts and dukes of Savoie, from 1293 to 1536, and as the headquarters of the Bernese authorities from 1536 to 1798, before being bought by Nyon in 1804.
The chateau was largely renovated by the Bernese during the last quarter of the sixteenth century, and then partially restored in the beginning of the nineteenth century.
Since 1888, the Chateau has housed a historic museum, which today presents a rich collection of Nyon-produced 18th century porcelain.
A large collection of portraits, both painted and photographic, constitute a trajectory throughout the Chateau, while visitors will enjoy the magnificent view from the terrace over the lake Leman, the Alps, and the chateau’s vegetable garden.

Permanent Collection

After six years of restoration works, the chateau de Nyon welcomes visitors with a new presentation of its collections from the historic museum and the porcelain collection. The primary objective of the presentation is to recreate the mood of the chateau by providing a resonance between the space itself and the objects presented within it.
Thus, on the first floor, visitors will discover the Nyon porcelain, dating from 1781 to 1813, spread over four rooms, laid out as salons and dining rooms of the period.
The second floor has been redecorated with period wallpaper reproductions, 19th century ceramics, and furnishings. The history of Nyon, from 1000BC to 1999AD is displayed on the third floor, over 13 showcases containing objects evoking the region’s past. The ancient prison cells have been preserved in their original state; documents relating to their history are displayed alongside them.


free general admission

Opening hours

Open from November to March, from 2pm to 5pm, and from April to October, from 10am to 5pm. Closed on Mondays, except public holidays.


The first two floors of the museum are accessible to disabled visitors. The Chateau also houses a boutique

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Guided tours and group visits are available on request, priced at 70 CHF for one hour / 90 CHF for two hours / 100 CHF for three hours.

Venue hire

Some rooms of the Château can be hired as a venue for weddings and functions. Please see www.nyon.ch for details.