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Coral Springs Museum Of Art

Since its opening in early 1997, the Coral Springs Museum of Art has has focused on displaying innovative and ethnically diverse Florida artists and providing eclectic and challenging classes for both children and adults. In addition, we've hosted three “blockbuster

Permanent Collection

Title: Striding
Medium: Carrera Marble
Artist: Lothar Nickel
Date: Artist in Residence 2001

Title: Himalama
Medium: Carrera Marble
Artist: Lothar Nickel
Date: Artist in Residence 2002

Title: Serenity
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artist: Howard Behrens
Donated: August 24, 2002

Title: Study of a Royal Procession
Medium: Pastel on Paper
Artist: Tomasz Rut
Donated: May 19, 2002

Title: The Dance
Medium: Aluminum & Automotive Acrylic Urethane
Artist: Rotraut
Donated: July 23, 2003


International Sculpture Symposium II 2007

Art for Peace
A better understanding of culture and a message for peace through art

To celebrate the opening of this program, the Museum would like to invite everyone to a "Break the Block" ceremony on Saturday, January 27 at 12 noon. Creative art activities are available and marble cake will be served after the Break the Block ceremony.

Forthcoming exhibitions

December 1, 2006 - February 17, 2007
Tin Ly - Contemporary Paintings & Sculptures
Sally Cooper - Experimental Painting
Bob Bagley - Sculpture in Focus

January & February 2007
International Sculpture Symposium Part II
Perez Celis - South America &
Yoshin Ogata ~ Asia

March 2 – May 19, 2007
Pablo Cano Marionette Workshops and Performances
Sig Lichterman & Shelley Parriott ~ Sculpture

June 1 – August 18, 2007
Art of Asia Curated by Sachi Wagner
Brian Dursam, Lowe Art Museum, Collaborator

September 7 – November 17, 2007
Scherer & Ouporov Painting & Printmaking
Royo ~ ingravidos

Opening hours

Monday-Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm
Closed Sunday

Getting there

Members and children under 18: Free
Adults: $4
Students, Seniors & Tours: $3
Wednesday Free Admission

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he Coral Springs Museum of Art would like to remind you of our continuing educational outreach program. We teach students to appreciate and understand the works of art in the Museum by nurturing their viewing skills and critical thinking. We help them to see how the works of art relate to their current school curriculum and life experiences.

Elementary School: Students work on observation skills through treasure hunts, games, interactive discussion and a hands-on art activity.

Middle School: The group works together to respond to worksheets, answer questions and solve problems presented by the Museum's docents. Also includes a hands-on art activity.

High School: Students apply their cognitive skills and knowledge of the world as they relate to works of art. Also includes an art activity.

Additional options:
· Nature Walk through the Sculpture Garden
· Bring a bag lunch and have a picnic in the courtyard

Arranging Your Visit:
· To register a tour call 954.340.5000
· Minimum 10 students per tour
· Two weeks notice required
· $4.00 per student
· Chaperones are admitted free

Contact the Museum at 954.340.5000 for reservations and additional information.