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DaimlerChrysler Collection Berlin

Profile and Development

The DaimlerChrysler Collection was started in 1977 and currently includes about 1300 works by German and international artists. The collection focuses on abstract and geometrical pictorial concepts, from which it derives its distinctive character.
fundamental tendencies

The starting-point is fundamental tendencies in 20th century Modernism in south-west Germany, and this basic direction has been expanded in the 90s by adding exemplary works by European and American artists.

One future policy will be to acquire a representative selection of photography and media art. A changing selection from the collection is accessible to DaimlerChrysler employees and the public at the company's various locations. As well as this, the DaimlerChrysler Collection started as early as the 80s to acquire a high-calibre ensemble of sculpture by contemporary artists, and this is a striking feature of the company's Stuttgart, Sindelfingen, Ulm and Berlin premises.

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Permanent Collection

The DaimlerChrysler Collection, which is devoted to 20th century art, moved into its own exhibition galleries for the first time in 1999.They are in Potsdamer Platz in Haus Huth,
which has been lavishly renovated.

The gallery is called DaimlerChrysler Contemporary, and has about 600 sq m of exhibition space. It alternates shows of key works from the collection and new acquisitions four times a year, with additional smaller shows of work by individual artists and special exhibitions.

Selected works:

In about 1989/90, Mercedes-Benz acquired a group of eleven large sculptures for their site in UntertĂŒrkheim, Stuttgart, and for the public areas at their Möhringen, Stuttgart, headquarters, including key works by Walter de Maria, Norbert Kricke and Klaus Staudt.

Potsdamer Platz

New Mercedes-Benz Museum,
Stuttgart UntertĂŒrkheim [ Read all ]


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Opening hours

daily 11 - 18 h


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News and events

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corporation's social self-concept

With its quality and presence among the staff, the DaimlerChrysler Collection, initiated in 1977 and since then continuously expanded to include some 1,000 works of art today, reflects commitment to art as an inherent element of the corporation's social self-concept and cultural profile.

The works of the DaimlerChrysler Collection are permanently exhibited at the corporation's different locations (the large sculptures and changing works compositions in Stuttgart-Möhringen are showed to groups of staff and external visitors by appointment). Smaller sets of works are exhibited in company-owned sales and service outlets and in production plants.

International activities

The increasingly global business activities of DaimlerChrysler have impacted the collection in that it has become more mobile and its long-term concept is internationalized to a growing extent, in keeping with the basic, abstract/minimal orientation of the collection. The corporation's relations with the USA, with Japan and South Africa are reflected in the profile and activities of the DaimlerChrysler Collection.

challenge for internal corporate processes

International activities and globalization at the same time represent a challenge for internal corporate processes in which the collection is involved to a growing extent. The mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise benefits both sides: the competencies of artistic activity, for instance in the fields of globalization, identity and value definition, can add to the spectrum of problem-solving options within the corporation and enrich the corporate approach by alternative solutions and the more inten...+ [ Read all ]


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