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Deutsches Glasmalerei-Museum

Stained Glass, Glass-Sculpture, Glass-Architecture

With its two modern glass facades to the west and the north the German Stained-Glass Museum in Linnich gives light the opportunity to unfold in a monumental way. The building was opened in 1997 after the old watermill was transformed through the addition of contemporary architectural parts. The unity of history and the contemporary of light, colour and space was distinguished in 2000 with a price of the land North Rhine Westphalia. The collection contains ca. 2000 works of art, both stained glass and studio glass. It offers an overview of stained glass from Victorian to present times. The donation of 117 works from the 2nd half of the 20 century by the glass atelier Dr. H. Oidtmann, the estates of artists such as Fritz Geiges, Maria Katzgrau, Erich Feld and Hans LĂĽnenborg as well as donations and loans of many contemporary glass artists, make the collection unique in Europe. With two special exhibitions per year and a varied events programme, the visitor will experience a lively glass bustle!

 Permanent Collection Highlights (15)

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Permanent Collection

From Geiges to Beleschenko

In the 1880s and 90s Fritz Geiges created many second executions of stained glass windows by Hans Holbein the elder, DĂĽrer and Baldung Grien as well as his own compositions. The museum owns 111 windows by that artist. Works by Johan Thorn-Prikker, Heinrich Campendonk, Wilhelm Teuwen and Anton Wendling, st th half of the 20 century, and Ludwig all from the 1 Schaffrath, Georg Meistermann, Johannes Schreiter, Wilhelm Buschulte, Joachim Klos, von Stockhausen, Pierre Soulages, Vasarely, Cocteau from the 1950s to the 90s, the visitor is taken to contemporary artists such as Alexander Beleschenko, Thierry Boissel, Reiner John, Bernhard Huber, Nabo GaĂź, David Pearl and many others who work in the ? eld of glass art with modern techniques and with the contemporary content of the ? ne arts. With artists such as Erwin Eisch, Harvey Littleton, Marvin Lipovsky or Finn Lynngaard the museum also shows some pieces from the 300 works of studio glass from Foest collection.


Die Glasmalereiwerkstatt Dr. Heinrich Oidtmann
20. Oktober 2007 - 24. Februar 2008
verlängert bis zum 9. März

Zu Gast im Burgenmuseum Nideggen:
Glasmalerei um 1900 – Vom Historismus zum Jugendstil
16. September 2007 - April 2008


Previous Exhibitions


Johan Thorn Prikker und der Aufbruch der Moderne in der Glasmalerei
19. Mai - 23. September 2007


Bernhard Huber – Arbeiten und Projekte
18. November 2006 - 11. März 2007

AFTER CAGE in Linnich: Maria Roosen
23. September - 25. November 2006


Forthcoming exhibitions

Wilhelm Teuwen zum 100. Geburtstag
26. April - 24. August 2008

Maria Katzgrau – Verborgene Schätze.
Eine Retrospektive
18. Oktober 2008 – 1. März 2009



Entry fee: 4 EUR / 3 EUR

Familiy ticket 8 EUR

"Overview of the museum" - each Sunday at 11 o'clock free guided tour.

Group tour on request. The tour last approx. 60-90 minutes and cost 35€/Gruppe

3€ reduced entrance (from 10 persons). Tours are possible in English and Dutch.

School classes up to 4. Class and kindergartens have free entrance (please inquire for availability)

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday 11 am 5 pm

Closed from 24. December 2008 until 1. January 2009

Getting there


Travel directions

By car: From the direction Cologne, Düsseldorf or Mönchengladbach, take the A4-A46-A61-A44 until exit Titz (A44) and drive in the direction Linnich. From the direction Aachen take the exit Aldenhoven or JülichWest and drive in the direction Linnich.

By train and bus: Train-line AachenMönchengladbach-Düsseldorf: Go until Baal, take the bus to Linnich. From the bus-stop it is 5 min. walking to the museum. Train-line AachenDüren-Cologne: Go until Düren, take the Rurtalbahn to the last stop in Linnich. From the last stop it is 5 min. walking to the museum.


The museum houses a café, shop and a video-corner.

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In the workshop of the museum the visitor can learn many interesting things about the techniques and materials for stained glass with all the steps from draft to the finished window. Why some glass is called “antique glass” and why contemporary artists use the same mouth-blown glass as was already known by the Romans. Pieces of mouth-blown glass can be assembled into collages.


There is a free guided tour every Sunday at 11 o’clock.


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Venue hire

Through children’s birthday events, workshops for schools and paintings classes, skilled museum education staff teaches you about the history of glass and about glass.

Culinary and festive

The museum offers also: museum breakfast, marriages, concerts, lectures and guided tours as well as work- shops for children of all ages and adults.

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