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Dortmunder Kunstverein

Dortmunder Kunstverein was founded in 1984 by of a group of Dortmund citizens passionate about art and culture. Since 1999, the Kunstverein has been located in the building of the local adult education college, Volkshochschule.

Every year the Kunstverein organizes four to six art exhibitions. A varied exhibition programme featuring contemporary painting, sculpture, photography and multi-media projects has earned the Kunstverein a reputation as a dynamic forum for modern art.

Through its work spanning more than two decades, Dortmunder Kunstverein has gained a pivotal place in the local and regional arts community. It has given more than 80 artists the opportunity to show their work in public. Well-known and established artists such as Axel Lieber, K O Götz, Frank Badur, and Joseph Beuys as well as promising but yet unknown artists have exhibited with the Kunstverein. Especially young artists with innovative and experimental projects have found an open-minded and flexible partner in Dortmunder Kunstverein. The Kunstverein is part of a wider network of German arts associations and as such has frequently proved to be a stepping-stone to further exhibition opportunities for young artists.

Previous Exhibitions

Jana Gunstheimer and Dennis Rudolph: Geheime Gesellschaften (Secret Societies)
19th January 2007 – 25th February 2007

Sven Johne: Konzeptuelle Fotografie und Video
2nd February 2007 – 5th April 2007

Christian Jasper: Selbst und andere Zwischenfälle (Self and other Accidents)
15th June 2007 – 22nd July 2007

Exhibiting his life-size, grotesque figures, the Munich-based artist, Christian Jasper, transforms the rooms of Dortmunder Kunstverein into a Kafkaesque scene.
For further details, see the website, submenu ‘Ausstellungen’.

Helmut & Johanna Kandl: Geography is Dead
20th April 2007 – 25th May 2007

Forthcoming exhibitions

Hannes Kater: Raumzeichnungen
(Drawings, Mounted Objects, Projections)
3rd August 2007 – 2nd September 2007
For further details, see the website, submenu ‘Ausstellungen’.

Thomas Fischer: Rauminstallationen
7th September 2007 – 14th October 2007

Martin Wehmer: Neue Bilder
19th October 2007 – 25th November 2007

Thomas Köner: Suburbs of the Void
5th December 2007 – 13th January 2008



Opening hours

Tuesday: 3pm – 6pm
Wednesday: 3pm – 6pm
Thursday: 3pm – 6pm
Friday: 3pm – 6pm
Sunday: 11am – 4pm

Closed: Sunday, public holidays

Getting there

Dortmunder Kunstverein is a few minutes’ walk from the main railway station, Dortmund Hauptbahnhof. The building of the Dortmund adult education college, Volkshochschule, is situated opposite the Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte.

Public transport
Underground: stop Hauptbahnhof
Tram: no 403, no 404, no 408, stop Kampstraße

Please note: No parking facilities in front of the building of Volkshochschule. Parking recommended at Remy-Damm, Westfalenhallen (B54).

Museum internal and external photos (2)

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News and events

In addition to its exhibition programme, Dortmunder Kunstverein organizes a variety of educational and social events such as talks with artists, visits to artists’ workshops, trips to other museums and exhibitions.

Forthcoming event: ‘Exkursion “Skulptur-Projekte Münster 2007


Prospective members are required to submit a written membership application to the board of Dortmunder Kunstverein. Decisions on membership applications are made entirely at the board’s discretion.
For further details (statutes and articles), check the website, submenu ‘Satzung’.