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Dubrovnik Museums

The Dubrovnik Museums came into being on 5th February 1872 with the foundation of the Dubrovnik Regional Museum. The main initiators were the Chamber of Commerce and its chairman Antun Drobac (1810-1882), a pharmacist, natural historian and collector of natural history specimens, who became the lifetime chairman and the first curator of the museum.

The Dubrovnik Regional Museum was the fourth to be set up in Croatia. Housed on the first floor of the Town Hall building, it was inaugurated in April 1873. A valuable natural history collection represented the nucleus of the museum to which a culturological, a historical, and an archaeological collections were soon added.

In 1932, the museum collections were moved to St. John's Castle, while in 1940 the collection of stone monuments and the ethnological collection were relocated to what was formerly Rupe Granary. The cultural history collection (later a separate department) was moved to the Rector's Palace in 1948.

The first systematic inventory was drawn up in 1882. In February 1940, the Museum established its first statute.

Today, the Dubrovnik Museums represent a regional institution that comprises 6 museums:

* The Archaeological Museum
* The Ethnographic Museum
* The Cultural-Historical Museum
* The Maritime Museum
* The Modern History Museum
* The Marin Drzic Home

all of which are run by the same management. The rich museum holdings are displayed on four locations (the Rectors Palace, the Rupe Granary, St. John's Castle, and the Marin Drzic Home).

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Permanent Collection


- Prehistoric Collection
- Antique Collection
- Early Medieval Collection
- Collection Dating From the 13th Century to the Earthquake of 1667
- Vase Collection
- Egyptian Collection
- Coin Collection


- Collection of Paintings
- Miscillaneous Collection
- Ceramics Collection
- Collection of Icons
- Collection of Metalwork
- Collection of Textiles
- Furniture Collection
- Glassware Collection
- Collection of Photography & Photographic Equipment


- Glass Goblet
- Navigation compass
- Bill of Lading "Sto Nic. Jozepo"
- Cover of the log book of the "S. Spirito"
- Model of a Dubrovnik galleon - Placido Coloiro Oliva atlas
- Medicine chest which belonged to a sailing vessel from the Dubrovnik Republic
- Sailor's chest
- Consular certificate issued by the Dubrovnik Republic
- Document issued in 1790 by the Dubrovnik consul in Lisbon Bartolomeo Lodovic Ghiliou
- Dubrovnik sailing vessel "pulaka"
- Fragment of the national flag
- Figurehead - an ornamental figure from the bow of the sailing vessel "Abraham"
- Model of a sailing vessel made by Captain I.Kravicin 1890
- Medicine chest from the sailing vessel "Rado"
- Barque "Eber"
- Sailing vessel "Danica"
- Steamship "Dubrovnik"
- Decorative band at the bow of a large trabaccolo
- Steamship "Daksa"


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Previous Exhibitions


- Old Masters from 15th to the 19th Centuries, Dubrovnik 1981
- Portraits in Dubrovnik from 16th to the 19th Centuries, Dubrovnik 1987
- Art Collection in the Rector's Palace, Dubrovnik 1988
- Portraits in Dubrovnik from 16th to the 19th Centuries, Pula 1988
- Portraits of Famous People from Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik 1993


* Shipbuilding Tradition in Dubrovnik
- exhibition accompanying the 9th Symposium Theory and Praxis of Shipbuilding, Dubrovnik, 19-21 April 1990

* Dubrovnik and the New World (Americas),
- (exhibition accompanying the scientific congress on Croats and the New World (Americas)
- 14 December 1992 - 5 January 1993)

* Heritage of Wood Shipbuilding in Croatia
- exhibition organized in the Luza Gallery in Dubrovnik in May-June 1994
-to mark the Days of the Croatian Navy in the Maritime Museum of the Croatian Navy in Split from 15 September to 2 October 1994 ;
-in Zagreb; Lisbon 05 May-19 June 1995;
- and Hamburg 5-29 October 1995.

* Paintings by Captain B. Ivankovic (1815-1898),
- Exhibition organized in the exhibition hall of the Croatian Institute in Dubrovnik from 19 September to 19 October 1996.

Special Projects:
* "Do Touch" Maritime Museum, a multi-event project organized by the Dubrovnik Maritime Museum in cooperation with several other institutions (HAZU Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences), UNESCO and the Ministry of Science of the Republic of Croatia). Following research work, life-size replicas of some wooden vessels from the eastern shore of the Adriatic would be made.

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Exhibitions (3)

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Admission Charge: 10 kuna
Children: 5 kuna

Opening hours

Tuesday-Friday (winter): 9.00-13.00

Tuesday-Friday (summer): 9.00-13.00 and 16.00-19.00

Sunday only during summer: 9.00 -13.00

Getting there

Archeology Museum
Brace Andrijica Street 7
20 000 Dubrovnik

Cultural History Museum
Pred dvorom 3
20 000 Dubrovnik

Maritime Museum
St. John's Castle
20 000 Dubrovnik

Marin Drzic House
Siroka ulica 7
20 000 Dubrovnik

Modern History Museum
Ulica Brace Andrijica 7
20 000 Dubrovnik

Ethnographic Museum
Od Rupa 3
20 000 Dubrovnik


Special Services:

- No adequate access provided for disabled persons.
- Expert guidance provided on prior notice at 020/321-422
- Use of cameras or video-cameras prohibited.

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