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Espace Croisé

Espace Croisé is a contemporary art centre located on the Grand Place in Roubaix. Its programming seeks to convey the diversity and richness of today’s art. More particularly, it specialises in photographic images, both still and moving, analogue and digital.
Espace Croisé puts on four major exhibitions a year, with a complementary series of events and screenings of films and videos by artists.
Since its opening in 1995, Espace Croisé has endeavoured to produce or coproduce at least one work of art in conjunction with its monographic exhibitions. More than thirty works have thus been produced.



15 september – 10 november 2007

The Espace Croisé offers the chance to discover the videos of artists whose work looks at
movement and gesture. The various ways they use the body as a means of expression
demonstrate how the line between dance and contemporary art is tenuous. This impression is
only reinforced by these collaborations between choreographers, dancers and artists.
Movement is perceived as bodies come together to symbolise pictures (Nicolas Floc’h,
Performance painting #1 Noir & Blanc, 2005) or in the clumsy gestures of teenagers ill at ease
before the camera (Gilles Balmet, The Art teacher, 2007). Dancers are also present, but in an
unexpected manner: immobile in a stairwell (Marie Reinert, Gare du Nord, 2004), having to
adapt to the layout of a hospital canteen (Barbara Noiret, Verrière, 2006) or a Russian
community kitchen (Victoria Ilyushkina & Mayya Popova, Kitchen, 2005). A series of different
ways of looking at how we occupy space, be it public or private, like the disturbing nocturnal
event that Julia Boix-Vives invites us to attend (Waiting for sight #1, 2005).

Catalogue : STATICS, Espace Croisé editions, Roubaix, 2007, 34p., 17 x 24 cm, Fr/Eng.

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12 May – 7 July 2007

Espace Croisé has created a video programme called IDEAL.LOOP for the Espai Ubu in Barcelona for the LOOP festival, in partnership with the FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais regional art collection.
For nine years, the contemporary art centre Espace Croisé in Roubaix has been showing IDEAL programmes of films they simply like. In these programmes, films of various aesthetics and artists of different generations are not necessarily linked by a common theme.
With this new IDEAL, the notion of staging is present. The programme aims at exclusive and intense moments: the setting up of an unusually intimate relationship with a gabber (Johan Bérard (F), Shadow dancing, 2007); an unexpected reinterpretation of Westside Story (Shahram Entekhabi (GB), 8:1, 2006); the emergence of the supernatural (Michelle Naismith (GB), The Captains, 2006); the summum of a cruel fairytale (Alice Anderson (GB), Souffler n’est pas jouer, 2005); the strange wanderings of an actor that happens to be canine (Raphaël Zarka (F), Rooler Gab, 2004); the fluctuation of doubt between past and present (Marie Voignier (F), Western DDR, 2005); the manipulation of an inspired image (Rachel Reupke (GB), Now Wait for Last Year, 2007); an
allegory of the state of the world (Adel Abdessemed (F), Foot on, 2005)... An atmosphere of floating, latent violence, diffuse tension, gravity, without any superfluous effects. The music determines the amplification of these tensions under artificial and studied lights. Each film applies its own formal language to the narration.

From beginning to end, beyond the truth of unique and unusual moments, they pace the fiction ...+ [ Read all ]

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Opening times: Open Tuesday to Saturday, 2pm - 6pm

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Espace Croisé is located on the Grand Place in Roubaix.

Métro: Grand Place Roubaix

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