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Founded in 1985, EXPRESSION, Centre d'exposition de Saint-Hyacinthe is a museum institution whose mission is to promote and exhibit contemporary and current art. In its magnificent and spacious gallery, EXPRESSION presents public exhibitions recognized for their artistic quality. These exhibitions are complemented by educational activities, presentations and publications. Satellite activities are also frequently added to the regular EXPRESSION program


EXPRESSION presents several thematic and monographic exhibitions each year. A presentation by an artist, curator or cultural expert is given in conjunction with each exhibition. These events can take various forms, including performances, discussions or guided tours. The presentations offer opportunities to learn, to be entertained or to have questions answered.

Michel Arcouette: LA STANLEY
June 2 – July 15, 2007

In pictures that query the past, Saint-Hyacinthe photographer Michel Arcouette casts a contemporary eye on a place remembered, invoking memories of the working-class world of his forebears. This photographic and conceptual installation pays tribute to his father, his grandfather and their co workers at Stanley Tools in Roxton Pond, which shut down in 1984. Marked by emerging light and windows signifying openness, The photos symbolically reflect his social, political and poetic concerns, but also a memory and a sense of questioning about life and humankind. The dozen large-format pictures are accompanied by artifacts that bear witness to the past, and a text by the artist’s son takes the story to the fourth generation.

Previous Exhibitions

Robbin Deyo: SKYSCAPES
July 15 – August 20 2006

Dividing her time between Montreal and France, Robbin Deyo has been developing a body of pictorial work characterized by recurring subjects and repeated shapes for the past ten years. Many of her pieces involve candy-bright or pastel encaustic, a smooth, translucent medium suggestive of cake icing or hardened sugar. Coated on various surfaces, shaped with cookie cutters, she uses it to create mouth-watering ornate ensembles that evoke the traditional woman's world (cooking, decorating, repetitive tasks). The heavenly vault is another theme, as seen in Skyscape (2003-2004). This monumental cerulean reminiscence of summer days is accompanied by a selection of recent pieces.

ORANGE: Contemporary Art Event of Saint-Hyacinthe
September 8 – October 22, 2006

While continuing to explore the role of edibles in present-day art, the second edition of ORANGE: Contemporary Art Event of Saint-Hyacinthe takes a more critical and political tack. The chosen theme – COMO COMO, meaning "how I eat" in Spanish – implies an intention to raise awareness of the food chain and its issues. Probing society’s eating habits and going beyond our relationship to table fare to address the agricultural and environmental aspects of the field-to-fork journey, the event provides ample food for thought.

Like the first edition, held in 2003, ORANGE 2006 is international in scope and involves fifteen artists from Quebec, elsewhere in Canada and abroad, some of them working in residence. Their creations are presented at EXPRESSION and in nearby vacant premises, with public interventions taking place around down...+ [ Read all ]

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Several educative activities are organised for students of all ages and their teachers. Please contact Catherine Nadon, on 450 773 4209 for information and reservations.