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Frederic Chopin Museum - Frederic Chopin Society

The Frederick Chopin Museum at the Frederick Chopin Society in Warsaw was established in the 1930s. Already in 1935, the Frederick Chopin Institute, established a year earlier by 32 outstanding representatives of the world of culture and politics, headed by Karol Szymanowski, Emil Mlynarski, Stanislaw Niewiadomski, Jozef Beck and August Zaleski, had begun amassing a collection. At that time, thirteen extremely valuable manuscripts were purchased from Ludwika Ciechomska, granddaughter of Ludwika Jedrzejewiczowa, Chopin`s sister, and Boguslaw Kraszewski from Stary Kuplin. The manuscripts included: a complete autograph of the G minor Trio op. 8 for piano, violin and cello by Chopin, seven letters written at Szafarnia by the young composer to his family in 1824 (including four examples of the famous "Szafarnia Courier") and at Kowalewo [6 July 1827] as well as to his school friend Julian Fontana in Paris [1835], three special greetings addressed by Chopin to his father (6 December 1816 and 1818) and mother (16 June 1817) upon their name days as well as two dedications of 6 and 9 June 1833 for Jozef Nowakowski, a friend from the Warsaw Conservatory. These autographs of the Polish artist were the start of the collection for the future Chopin Museum which after the Second World War became much more active. The creation of a Collection of Photographs, Recordings and a Library was started prior to 1939. It must be stressed that thanks to the self-sacrifice and industriousness of Mieczyslaw Idzikowski, a founding member of the Frederick Chopin Institute, the autoographs were not damaged during the War Two.

In 1945, the Frederick Chopin Institute opened again in Warsa... [ Read all ]

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Permanent Collection

The Museum collection, whose inventories contain at present 4813 items (including 81 loans), includes complete autographs, fragments, sketches (all told 129 inventory items) and copies (whole or fragments), made by members of the composer's family and circle (Marcelina Czartoryska [?], Mikolaj Chopin, Julian Fontana, Auguste Franchomme, Ludwika Jedrzejowiczowa and Thomas Tellefsen) of the following works by Chopin: Berceuse D-flat Major op. 57, Impromptu A-flat Major op. 29, F-sharp Major op. 36 and C-sharp minor op. 66, Mazurkas: F minor op. 7 no. 3, G Major op. 50 no. 1, A minor op. 67 no. 4, F minor op. 68 no. 4 (and a reconstruction of an essay carried out by A. Franchomme in 1852), Nocturnes C minor, no opus, C minor and F-sharp minor op. 48 no. 1 and 2, the songs: Precz z moich oczu, op. 74 no. 6 to words by Adam Mickiewicz (first version from 1827), Wojak op. 74 no. 10 and Pierscien op. 74 no. 14 to words by Stefan Witwicki, Polonaises in D minor, B-flat Major and F minor op. 71 no. 1, 2 and 3, Sonatas B-flat minor op. 35, B minor op. 58 and G minor op. 65, Trio G minor op. 8, Grande Valse Brillante E-flat Major op. 18 from 1833, a donation made by the National Polish Bank in Warsaw (17 VI 1993), Valse F minor op. 70 no. 2 and Variation B-flat Major op. 2 on the theme La ci darem la mano from the opera Don Giovanni by W. A. Mozart. These autographs and copies constitute extremely valuable source material for researchers and publishers of works by Chopin and are studied in the Museum by scientists and scholars from Poland and abroad.


A large part of the Museum collection is made up of correspondence, which includes:
the composer's letters (86 items) addressed to his family, acquaintances, friends and pupils (S. Cl├Ęsinger, J. Dessauer, J. Fontana, W. Grzymala, A. Gutmann, J. Ch. Kessler, M. Oborski, C. Pleyel, M. de Rozi├Ęres, G. Sand and her son Maurice, A. Schindler, K. Szulczewski and S. Witwicki) as well as publishers: Brandus, F├ętis and M. Schlesinger in Paris, Wessel in London and P. Mechetti in Vienna
letters written to Chopin by amongst others G. Donizetti, J. Elsner, and J. P. Pixis (28 items)
letters e.g. from Klementyna Hoffmanowa, ne├ę Tanska, to Izabela and Ludwika Chopin, Paul Gaubert, Adela├»de Kemble and Paulina Viardot to George Sand, G. Sand to Marie de Rozi├Ęres and Friederike Streicher, ne├ę M├╝ller, and Thomas Tellefsen to Karol Mikuli, which pertain to Chopin and possess great value for biographers of this Polish composer

Additionally, the Museum collected letters by composers, singers, pianists, painters, poets, and publishers from the nineteenth and twentieth century (H. Berlioz, C. Czerny, J. N. Hummel, F. Liszt, G. Meyerbeer, L. Osinski, A. M. Panseron, Z. Rabcewicz, G. A. Rossini, M. Dudevant-Sand, K. Szymanowski, K. Ujejski, H. Wieniawski, S. Witwicki, W. Zelenski) and letters by many different persons such as members of the family of Chopin's sister Ludwika and M. Wodzinska or those connected with the Chopin tradition (for example L. Ciechomska, L. Ciszewska, T. Orpiszewska, W. Rulikowski, A. Towianski, Maria and Michal Wodzinski).

The Chopin Museum also houses various types of manuscript documents connected with members of the Chopin family, with Solange Cl...+ [ Read all ]

Previous Exhibitions

Exceptional exhibitions held abroad include:
Chopin Yesterday and Today (Tokyo, Koriyama, Osaka, 6 March - 10 May 1970)
Chopin - Citizen of the World (Marianske Lazne and Prague, 12 August-8 October 1972)
Frederick Chopin 1810-1849 and International Chopin Competitions 1927-1980 (Gandava 1985)
Chopin (Tokyo, April-May 1988)
Chopin and Liszt (Budapest 20 March - 17 April 1997)
Frederick Chopin 1810-1849 (Tokyo and Osaka 1999/2000)

Particular attention is attached to exhibitions presented in Ostrogski Castle and in the National Philharmonic Hall during the International Chopin Competitions. On this occasion, the following exhibitions were featured:
Frederick Chopin Yesterday and Today (1970)
The Portrait of Frederick Chopin (1975)
Chopin's Mementos Close to Our Heart (1985)
The Romantic Journey of Frederick Chopin and George Sand to Majorca (1990; jointly with the F. Chopin and G. Sand Museum in Valdemosa)
The Region of Nohant / Chopin's Nohant (1990; photographs by Jean-Baptiste Huyhn from France)
With Music Throughout the World (1990, posters )
In Honour of Frederick Chopin - (1990; sculptures by Andrzej Renes)
Chopin and Liszt (1-30 October 1995)
Chopin Fame Resounding Far and Wide (1999; 2000)
Fryderyk Chopin and the Kolberg Brothers. The Artists and their Epoch. Friendship. Work. Inspirations (2005)

Forthcoming exhibitions

The exhibition programme pursued by the Museum since 1955 has developed considerably since 1969. The permanent exhibition prepared in the present-day version and curated by Hanna Wroblewska-Straus: Chopin in His Native Land and Abroad is featured together with the Study of Prof. Jerzy Zurawlew in Ostrogski Castle in Warsaw, 1 Okolnik Street. The visitors may use audio guides in five languages (Polish, French, English, German and Japanese). Audio guides are also available in the Frederick Chopin Birthplace in Zelazowa Wola and the Chopins' Drawing Room in the Czapski (formerly Krasinski) Palace in Warsaw, 5 Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street.


Admission 8/4zł, Wed free

Opening hours

Mon, Wed & Fri 10am-5pm; Thu 12pm-6pm; Sat & Sun 10am-2pm
Tuesday closed

Last tickets sold at 17:30

Getting there

Take the bus to Swietokrzyska.

We inform that due to the renovating works ┼╗elazowa Wola

Fryderyk Chopin█ąs Birthplace will be open June 15th 2007


During this period only the park can be visited (ticket - 2 PLN)


The Library, one of the few Chopin libraries in the world, at present contains about 20 000 inventory items: periodicals and books from the years 1852-2002 in many languages, including Japanese, music scores - from first editions to modern ones, including collected editions of Chopin works and editions of the works of other composers - as well as programmes, posters and 424 books from the library of Mateusz Glinski, donated by his wife. The collection of recordings (a total of 4700) is composed of gramophone records and CDs, reel tapes and cassettes as well as video cassettes with films on Chopin themes.

The most valuable collection stores recordings by Ignacy Friedmann, Jozef Hofman, Raul Koczalski, Witold Malcuzynski, Aleksander Michalowski, Henryk Neuhaus, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Artur Rubinstein, Jozef Smidowicz, Jerzy Zurawlew and Claudio Arrau, Alfred Cortot, Roza Etkin, Vladimir Horowitz and Margerita Long, etc. as well as recordings by participants of the International Frederick Chopin Piano Competitions, held in Warsaw every five years since 1927, except for the period during the War Two.

The Collection of Photographs contains negatives, positives and microfilms of museum collections and libraries (first editions), together with Chopin collections in private and state collections in Poland and abroad.

The Chopin Museum attaches great importance to correctly cataloguing each item. The catalogue of the Museum collections which, apart from a description of a given item, also takes into consideration such elements as the original state of the item, conservation work, origin, bibliography and participation in exhibitions, and indexes of names, localities, addr...+ [ Read all ]

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News and events

The Society organises international events: the Frederick Chopin Piano Competition, the Grand Prix du Disque F. Chopin Record Competition (since 1985), master classes for the interpretation of Chopin compositions (since 1985), scientific symposia (such as in 1960, 1986, 1989), and exhibitions held abroad (for example in Japan, Belgium, Hungary, the Czech Republic, France and USA in 1960 and 1999); it also provides constant guidance for young pianists by organising annual National Competitions for Frederick Chopin Art Scholarships (since 1967) and co-operates and assists in the organisation of Chopin festivals and competitions in Poland and abroad. In 1985, the Frederick Chopin Society established the International Federation of Chopin Societies, the International Chopin Foundation in 1988 and the Alliances Internationale d'Associations et d'Amis de Frederick Chopin in 1995.


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