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Fundació Joan Miró

The Fundació Joan Miró, built by Josep Lluís Sert, was officially opened on 10 June 1975.

 Permanent Collection Highlights (16)

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Permanent Collection

The Foundation’s collection consists of 11,000 pieces: 240 paintings, 175 sculptures, 9 textiles, 4 ceramics, the almost complete graphic works, and around 8,000 drawings.

Most of these pieces were donated to the Foundation by Miró himself. Other works have come from the Joan Prats collection and the collection owned by the artist’s wife, Pilar Juncosa. Subsequent donations have been received from Marguerite and Aimé Maeght, Pierre Matisse, Manuel de Muga, Josep Lluís Sert, Francesc Farreras, Josep Royo, Gérald Cramer and David Fernández Miró, the artist’s grandson.

A considerable number of works have been provided on permanent loan, mainly by members of the Miró family and by the Gallery K, AG, founded by Kazumasa Katsuta.

Highlights of the collection include:

- The pedicure. 1901
- Composition (Sreet in Pedralbes). 1917
- Chapel of Sant Joan d’Horta. 1917
- Portrait of a Young Girl. 1919
- The Bottle of Wine. 1924
- Painting. 1925
- Painting (The White Glove). 1925
- The Music-Hall Usher. 1925
- Untitled. 1929
- Personage. 1931
- Flame in Space and Nude Woman. 1932
- Painting. 1933
- Collage-drawing. 1933
- Figure. 1934
- Man and Woman in Front of a Pile of Excrement. 1935
- Painting on Masonite. 1936
- Morning Star. 1940
- Woman, bird, stars. 1942
- Woman Dreaming of Escape. 1945
- Woman and Birds at Sunrise. 1946
- Sun Bird. 1946-1949
- Moon Bird. 1946-1949
- A break in the sky gives us hope. 1954
- Double-sided Stele. 1956
- Self-Portrait. 1937/8-60
- The lark’s wing ringed with the blue of gold meets the heart of the poppy asleep in the field adorned with diamonds. 1967
- The Gold of the Azure. 1967
- The Cares...+ [ Read all ]


23 March – 3 June 2007

The continuous collaboration between Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen is based on an encounter between two strong and distinct identities. Through their dialogue, articulated in an exchange of words and images, the artists have redefined the concept of sculpture, dynamically addressing the complexity of the contemporary world.

The exhibition focuses on the past twenty years, with Il Corso del Coltello (The Course of the Knife) as the starting point. A performance produced in Venice in 1985, Il Corso del Coltello and its related works reveal Oldenburg and van Bruggen’s capacity to open their art up to a dialogue with architecture, literature and theatre. It also demonstrates the artists’ specific approach to the urban context, declaring their courageous determination to go beyond the security offered by the museum walls.

Although Oldenburg and van Bruggen often work on the production of large-scale projects, creating public works for cities in Europe, America and Asia, their art unfolds in the privacy of their studio, nurtured by their incessant dialogue. Every project is developed through sketches, drawings, studies and models. A document of ideas in continual transition, each of these is also an independent work. Like the largest public project, the smallest drawing also represents an in-depth analysis of the forms and contents that characterize the artists’ explorations.

‘Sculpture by the Way’ also presents a selection of important museum installations, including the artists’ most recent sculptures. Reflections on human fragility or on the microcosm of event...+ [ Read all ]

Previous Exhibitions

Joan Miró. 1956-1983
Feeling, emotion, gesture
24 November 2006 – 25 February 2007

“Masters of collage”
From Picasso to Rauschenberg
26 November 2005 – 26 February 2006

Douglas Gordon
“What you want me to say… I am already dead.”
24 March – 4 June 2006

Carlos Santos
30 June – 5 November 2006

Woman. Metamorphosis of modernity
26 November 2004 – 6 February 2005

Seminar: Woman, Art and Modernity
10 November – 16 December

Sert, half a century of architecture 1928 – 1979
25 February – 12 June 2005

Joan Miró, the architecture of a book
Barcelona 2005 / Books and Reading Year
1 July – 2 October 2005

Exhibitions (9)

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Forthcoming exhibitions

28 June – 30 September 2007

A retrospective of the work of Sean Scully (Dublin, 1945), who combines features of different pictorial styles – Geometrical Abstraction, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Abstract Expressionism – to create a language of his own.

By displaying his paintings, drawings and photographs together, we are able to see the consistency that gives meaning to his art.


Adults: € 7.5
Reduced rate: € 5

Adults € 4
Reduced rate € 3

Special rate for groups of over 15 people

*Admission to 7 art centres in Barcelona for 20 euros

Tel: (+34) 902 101 212 and branches of Caixa Catalunya

Opening hours

Tuesdays to Saturdays
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Sundays and public holidays 10.00 - 14.30
Mondays (except public holidays) Closed

Getting there

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Parking outside the Fundació
Access for wheelchairs

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News and events


From the outset, the Joan Miró Foundation has paid special attention to the work of young experimental artists, who have their own exhibition area — the Espai 13.

The programming for the Espai 13 is organised in cycles that coincide with the academic year, from October-June. The artists are selected by the curator of each cycle, who is unconnected with the Foundation and is generally an art critic. This method not only favours the work of young artists, but also encourages the new generation of art critics.

The idea of each exhibition developing around the central theme of each cycle gives a sense of coherence and purpose to the artists involved.

The special features of the exhibition space, with its somewhat industrial atmosphere, is ideal for presenting very varied types of work.

The exhibitions in the Espai 13 are usually accompanied by a small leaflet with illustrations of the pieces and texts in Catalan, Spanish and English.


The Education Department of the Foundation has developed a number of activities that encourage an understanding of the contents of the museum and are designed for school groups and for the public in general.

In addition to guided tours of the Permanent Collection, the Building and the major Temporary Exhibitions, there are also individual Audioguides to exhibitions in several languages that allow visitors to adapt the commentary to their own pace and interests.

The Education Department also provides teaching/learning dossiers and other materials containing information and ideas of a practical nature for different age groups.

Teachers and educators are able to attend the training sessions that are held twice a month on Saturdays (booking is essential). These sessions, lasting for approximately 1½ hours, aim to bring schools and the museum closer together and lay special emphasis on the optimum use of resources to enable pupils to get the most out of their visit.


It is essential to book in order to visit the Foundation:



Audioguides may be rented for the group (in English, French, Catalan, Spanish, German, Italian or Japanese)

Itinerary for young visitors
Audioguides: €1.00 per person

Admission charges
School groups aged under 14: € 1 per pupil
School groups aged 14 and over: € 4 per pupil (with reservation)
School groups aged 14 and over: € 5 per pupil (without reservation)

Fax: (+34) 933 298 609
It is essential to book in order to visit the Foundation

Tel: (+34) 934 439 479 (mornings)


Since 1997, the Joan Miró Foundation has organized 8 shows in Catalan for children every year (October-May), which are performed on Saturdays at 17.30 and Sundays and Public Holidays at 11.30 and 13.00.

The Foundation considers it particularly important to bring children into contact with the world of culture, and one of the best ways of doing this is through drama, magic, the circus, etc.

Special attention is paid to the selection of shows for children, for we are very much aware that this incipient audience will in a few years time be filling the cinemas and theatres, visiting exhibitions and enjoying music and reading.

Saturdays at 17.30
Sundays and public holidays at 11.30 and 13.00

There will be special performances for school groups on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10.30. To book, telephone (+34) 934 439 471 (Montserrat Cervera)

Admission: 4 €
Friends of the Foundation: 2 €
School groups (weekdays): 2.50 €

Advance sales through Tel-Entrada on (+34) 902 101 212


The Friends of the Joan Miró Foundation is an association of people wishing to support the activities of the Foundation. In return they enjoy a number of benefits, including a special membership card.

Venue hire

Located in the Parc de Montjuïc overlooking the city, in a building designed by Josep Lluís Sert, the Joan Miró Foundation is an exceptional setting for private functions. With its wide variety of different spaces, the Foundation has the necessary infrastructure to ensure the success of presentations, conferences or other corporate events.

Spaces available for private functions:
- North patio and Olive Tree patio
- Carob Tree patio and Restaurant terrace
- Hall
- Auditorium

Tel: (+34) 934 439 480