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Fundación Eugenio Granell

The Eugenio Granell Foundation was created in Santiago de Compostela in 1995. Eugenio Granell was a surrealist painter who was born in A Coruña (1912-2001 Madrid), and spent his childhood and youth in Santiago de Compostela. Granell began his artistic life as a violinist. He became politically involved in Madrid while he was studying music and joined the POUM political party. Granell began to paint in 1941 in the Dominican Republic where he lived after his exile at the end of the Spanish civil war (1939). The artist frequently said that he had always been a surrealist: “I was born a surrealist, as a child I did architectural drawings and drew fantastic palaces and when I met the surrealists I knew I had already done all of that

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Permanent Collection

The Foundation’s main collection includes works from all of Eugenio Granell’s different periods. It consists of oil paintings, constructions, ready-mades, collages, drawings, watercolours, gouaches, temperas, photos and engravings.

This collection is the result of the legacy that the English surrealist artist, Philip West, donated to the museum following his premature death in 1997. This legacy consists of 200 works, mainly drawings, oil paintings, engravings, as well as an important library with more than 100 volumes about Surrealism. A British artist who moved to Zaragoza in 1983, he is considered by critics one of the most representative Anglo-Spanish surrealists. He himself defined his painting as a poetical search communicating on a level beyond words, on a more intuitive level that proposes the reencounter, the point of convergence between conscious life and the subconscious mind by means of analogy.

From the beginning of his artistic work, Eugenio Granell was clearly interested in collecting. Thus, throughout his life he created an important collection of works by surrealist artists (many of whom were personal friends), ranging from established artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Roberto Matta and Esteban Francés, to more recent artists from a variety of places such as: Cruzeiro Seixas, Julián Calero Gómez, Karl-Otto Glotz, Yo Yoshitomé, Edouard Jaguer.

The result of Granell’s anthropological interest, which led to his collecting objects from the five continents. The collection reflects, in its pieces, the surrealist interest in th...+ [ Read all ]


February-June 2007
For this exhibit we have chosen pieces of religious origin whose value, within the collection, is their singular beauty as well as the fact that they were created by anonymous artists who shed their talent on them. The importance Granell gave them is also an issue to consider. One can see in this exhibit images of Spanish origin and other pieces from the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Mexico or Peru.

February 16-end of December 2007
A new exhibition with Granell as the protagonist and centered around the artist’s concept of space as represented through a small selection of constructions and drawings belonging to the Foundation’s funds. In order to illustrate this particular vision of space in Granell, we have selected two series of works: a series of constructions and a small selection of drawings from different periods in his creative career, where we can see, as the commissioner herself explains:

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January-December 2006

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August 2006-February 2007

10 November 2006

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Opened in January 2001, the library is located on the third floor of the building “Pazo de Bendaña

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News and events

Since we are a museum that promotes culture, since the beginning we have organized diverse activities that have been greatly welcomed by the public; concerts, movie festivals, poetry recitals, conferences.

Since 1998 we have organized reading marathons dedicated to particular writers (García Lorca, several on Granell, Alejo Carpentier) in which diverse groups participate: schools, institutes and people from the public and private sectors (actors, altruists, press, politicians).
We have also generated activities, like theatrical events, related to a particular exhibit. The first one took place when we inaugurated the exhibit Granell and the theatre curated by Javier Navarro. Granell´s play, The Dark Chamber, had its premiere with the actors of the Minerva Group directed by Roberto Leal. This group continued to participate in other theatrical events as did Tacón Teatro lead by Socorro Vedo and Tangatutanga a group of female actors directed by Beatriz Bravo.

In 2000 we held an International Surrealist Congress in Honor of Eugenio Granell. Prestigious art critics, professors, art specialists from Spain and abroad participated in it. In 2006 we held Eugenio Granell's Interdisciplinary Congress in which different specialists dealt with various aspects of this multifaceted artist.

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The Museum’s Education Department was created in 1997, coinciding with the presentation of the “Esteban Francés



Annual contribution:
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Children: 12 euros

We offer:
- Free entrance to the museum
- Invitation to the events that are held.
- 20% discount on the museum’s publications
- 10% discount on the shop's museum

Venue hire

The Fundación´s Conference Room holds about sixty people. Sometimes we also rent the exhibition halls for special events that need to hold many more people. The building also has a large beautiful terrace that can be used for various types of events in the summer.

Conference Room
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