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Fundación Laxeiro

The Fundación Laxeiro was created in February 1999 with the aim of conserving and publicising the collection that Galician painter José Otero Abeledo “Laxeiro

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Permanent Collection

The permanent collection consists of 64 pieces donated by Laxeiro to the city of Vigo and representing the different stages of the artist’s professional development. It is, as such, a complete vision of his artistic trajectory.


Laxeiro. Inedited Drawings V
19th July to 16th September 2007

This exhibition brings together a selection of pieces by Laxeiro, the majority of which are colour drawings on paper using paint, pencil and pastels. They provide a good example of the artist’s manner of composing using drawing.
This particular collection is made up of 20 pieces created after the 1950s when the artist’s work began to reveal a fresher and lighter touch in contrast to the granitic aesthetic that had characterised earlier works. Visitors can also appreciate the loose and spontaneous style that characterises Laxeiro’s work. The artist was a compulsive drawer whose works on paper reveal the influence of artists such as Picasso.
The exhibition space has been painted dark blue in order to give a touch of austerity to the collection and highlight each piece individually.
The exhibition is also part of the Fundación Laxeiro’s efforts to bring together unseen works by the artist in time for the publication of the museum’s Universal Catalogue in 2008, in celebration of the centenary of his birth. Owners of works by Laxeiro are urged to contact the museum in order to include the most number of references of Laxeiro’s work possible in the catalogue.

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The Fundación Laxeiro is in the process of developing a catalogue of the complete works of the artist in celebration of 100 years of Laxeiro’s birth. The catalogue will be available to the public at the end of 2008.