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Fundacion NMAC

The NMAC Foundation is located in the interior grounds of the Dehesa Montenmedio in the Cadiz municipality of Vejer de la Frontera. The NMAC Foundation was created as a point of interaction between its social, cultural and territorial context. Following the current model for a relationship based centre, the NMAC Foundation project was conceived as a mediating museum, committed to supporting contemporary artists on specific projects which promote social dialogue and understanding through art.

Permanent Collection

Situated in a rural setting, far from urban centres, the Foundation invites artists from all corners of the world to undertake site-specific projects in the form of installations, sculptures, photography, video-painting, performances and architectural projects within nature. Each of the works maintains a close relationship with its surroundings as the visitor can discover over his route through the Mediterranean forest. To date more than 40 artists have undertaken projects in NMAC, of which 20 projects represent a permanent part of this collection, a facility which is open to the general public.Artworks of Olafur Eliasson, Marina Abramovic´, Sol Lewitt, Maurizio Cattelan, Gregor Schneider, Santiago Sierra, Cristina Lucas, Shen Yuan, Pascale M. Tayou, Adel Abdessemed, Pilar Albarracín, Maja Bajevic, Susana Solano, Richard Nonas, Gunilla Bandolin,etc.


The NMAC Foundation celebrates its fifth anniversary with the exhibition WITNESSES/TESTIGOS, that deals with current cultural and socio-political events that affect border territories at the crossroads of cultures, traditions, countries, and religions. Through this exhibition, NMAC Foundation keeps on its research on the particular circumstances of the Straits of Gibraltar, frontiers and intercultural, and how these circumstances determine the work of artists from very different origins and trajectories.

Previous Exhibitions

2004: Bridge, project of Shen Yuan, and Cleaning the House workshop of Marina Abramovic´.
2003: New projects
2001: Art and nature

Forthcoming exhibitions

Aleksandra Mir: Love Stories. With Love Stories, Aleksandra Mir reopens a social process, converting her work into an exercise of humanist socialisation, in which we all participate as witnesses and as protagonists. Her compilation of a thousand love stories from every corner of the planet, interwoven within the territorial context of a Mediterranean wood where each testimony will have its own tree, is a way of establishing ties between the global (love) and the local, the trees, as receptors and guardians of these stories. Once compiled and carved the hearts into the pine trees, the thousand love stories will be published in a book, presenting a portrait of a multicultural society through emotional experiences.
James Turrell: Stupa
Stupa is an underground installation, invisible from the outside, in which spectators walk through a short tunnel into a pyramid containing the three elements: earth, water and air. Inside the pyramid is a stone stupa, surrounded by a pool full of water. Stupas are the round domes typical of Buddhist architecture. Their shape and position have the effect of bringing the viewer closer to the cosmos. Entering the stupa through a passageway leading into a room full of light and open to the sky, visitors can sit and watch the changing light and the experience the ambivalence of the limits of our perception, where it becomes hard to tell where light ends, and structure begins. In this, as in most of Turrell’s other projects, light not only has texture, it also acquires substance and location.


Entrance fee: 5€ (free drink included)
50% discount: students with a student card, pensioners, and groups of over 15 people.
Ticket to children under 12 is free.

Opening hours

From 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 8:30pm.
From 10:30am to 2:30pm and from 4pm to 6pm.

Getting there

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The course of action defined for the NMAC Foundation’s educational programme is designed to satisfy the educational needs of the wide range of people who visit their facilities.


The NMAC Foundation organises guided group tours, a further step in their objective to promote contemporary art to the general public. Through these tours we present the visitors with the meaning of contemporary art and the implications of these artists’ work on present day society.


Participation is encouraged at all times, inviting the student to express his/her opinion, creating an environment conducive of dialogue with both teachers and the Foundation’s personnel. This level of participation is achieved as a result of the questions raised in the educational booklets, developed by the pedagogical department and directed at teaching staff and the student body based on their various educational levels.


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