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Hamburger Kunsthalle

The Kunsthalle owes its existence to an initiative by the Kunstverein in Hamburg (Hamburg Art Union), which was founded in 1817 and opened the first "public municipal painting gallery" in the Börsenarkaden in 1850. The collection grew rapidly due to the contribution of gifted works, and it soon became necessary to provide a building in which to house it. In August 1869, financed largely through donations, the Hamburg Kunsthalle was opened.

Gallery of Contemporary Art

A dazzling light cube rises from the ground at the prominent spot where the Inner and Outer Alster lakes meet. A new building for new art - in February 1997 the Gallery of Contemporary Art was officially opened. The extension building, designed by Cologne architect O. M. Ungers, forms part of the Hamburg Kunsthalle, which was built in 1869 and first extended in 1919. It houses international contemporary art from Pop Art to the present day, adding 5.600 m² of the exhibition space to the approx. 6.000 m² currently provided by the first two buildings.

The Kunsthalle is now divided into four different sections: the Gallery of Old Masters (Master Bertram, Master Francke, the Dutch painters); the Gallery of 19th Century Art (C. D. Friedrich, Ph. O. Runge, Menzel); the Gallery of Classical Modernism (Munch, Kirchner, Klee, Beckmann, Lehmbruck) - and the Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Permanent Collection

Gallery of the Old Masters
Within the Old Masters Collection four areas in particular have been a focus since the founding of the Hamburger Kunsthalle. North German Art around 1400 is one of them. 17 th Century Dutch painting has become a focus thanks to a donation in 1879, to which important works could be added at a later stage. The collection of Italian paintings dating from 1350 until 1800 largely stems from the Collection Wedells. Some works of French painting of the 16 th to 18 th Centuries have been acquired in the second half of the 20 th Century, but they form inhomogeneous smaller complexes.

Gallery of the 19th Century

The Hamburger Kunsthalle holds one of the most important collections of 19 th Century paintings. The Galleries of the 19 th Century open with works by artists of Romanticism and close with German Impressionism. The years 1800 and 1914, thresholds of epochs, determine beginning and end of this department. The beginning is marked by the radical renewal of art through Romanticism, while the end coincides with World War I – despite an incision in the development of art being apparent some time earlier through the avant-garde of Expressionism and Abstraction.

Gallery of Modern Art

Extensive Refurbishment

The whole of the upper floor of the original building is expected to remain closed until spring 2006.
A concentrated selection of modern art works can be found in rooms 115, 116 and 117.

Of the classical modernists, Max Beckmann and Oskar Kokoschkadominate along with artists from the "BrĂĽcke" and "Blauer Reiter" groups, (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Emil Nolde, Franz Marc).
The fascinating work
Der Goldfisch by Paul Klee also ...+ [ Read all ]

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Special Exhibitions
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Permanent Collection
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Untitled breakfast
Art and breakfast every Sunday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
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Opening hours

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Getting there

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railway station

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Disabled Persons:
Visitors in wheel chairs can reach the exhibition space via ramps and elevators.
Disabled toilets are available in both wings.
Wheel chairs are provided at the cloakrooms free of charge.

in the Gallery of Contemporary Art with a nice view of the Binnenalster
Opening hours:
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m
Phone 0049 - 40 - 32 52 51 79

Café Liebermann

in the historic columned hall
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Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m.
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The library

Opening Hours

Tu - Sa 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Tel 040 - 428 131 244 / 245
Fax 040 - 428 54 - 2482

The reference library of the Hamburg Kunsthalle is the most important specialist art library in north Germany.

With over 165 000 volumes, it provides an exceptional source of information, particularly about areas covered by the Kunsthalle’s own collection.

The strengths of the collection:
artists’ monographs, especially critical catalogues raisonnés
exhibition and collection catalogues
approximately 1000 artists’ books of the twentieth century, 2000 illustrated books of the 15-19 centuries
anthologies: collections of smaller exhibition catalogues of living artists, about whom it is otherwise difficult to access information
auction catalogues and catalogues of works in store, a unique collection of
eighteenth-century auction catalogues
295 current periodicals
bibliographies and reference works
a collection of newspaper cuttings about the activities of the Kunsthalle

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